Saturday Snapshot

I couldn’t decide what to choose for today’s Saturday Snapshot, so I took pot luck and picked a photo at random from the loose photos waiting to be sorted.

 This photo was taken years ago, when I used to belong to a spinning group.  We had an open spinning day, demonstrating how to spin. That’s me, on the left of the photo using the smaller, dark wood spinning wheel. You can tell how old this photo is because I’ve got dark hair and am not wearing glssses (I had contact lenses).

We spun the wool from fleeces, first of all carding the unwashed wool, thick with lanolin – very good for your hands! I knitted the finished wool, making mittens and a cardigan. But eventually I gave up spinning as really I preferred knitting and it’s hard to spin enough wool at  the right ply to make a garment successfully.

It’s good to have a record of a hobby from the past and I enjoyed remembering my spinning days! We also dyed the wool and made felt.

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot”

  1. What a great photo … it IS fun to record one’s hobbies! Spinning sure is a neat one … I’ve been to a couple events that have had spinners working wool. It strikes me as a really relaxing activity … just you and the continual flow of woolen fibers working working working through your hands and onto the spindle.


  2. What an interesting hobby. I would think that one would really appericate the detail and steps to complete a knitted piece.


  3. Very cool! It’s not something I’ve ever tried, but I think spinning would be more my speed than knitting. I like the idea of creating something like that (without having to do any needlework). 🙂


  4. This is a lovely photo, and you were a lovely young woman. I’ve watched spinners at the NY State Fair; it’s a fascinating skill. When I knit though, my yarn has come from a factory. It may be more consistent but it just isn’t the same. We do have many alpaca farms near here now though and you can buy the yarn or hand-knit items from their shops.


  5. I recognised you immediately, you’ve really not changed much. I’ve always fancied spinning small quanities of wool for using in needlepoint but I’ll probably never get around to it.


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