Musing Mondays: e-reading

This week’s musing asks’¦

What devices ‘“if any’“ do you read books on? Do you find it enjoyable, or still somewhat bothersome? Or: If you only read the print books, why haven’t you chosen to read on any devices?

I’ve had a Kindle for about a year now and have read several books on it. I’ve got more used to it now and don’t find it a bothersome way to read books. It’s just another way of reading, although with some disadvantages, as I still like the experience of reading a print book. I like the feel of a book, being able to flip over the pages easily, going backwards and forwards in the text, and looking at the cover and any illustrations – in colour.

But, I’m finding it easier and easier to read on my Kindle and that’s because I can enlarge the font, which makes it much easier to read in bed. My Kindle has its own light which makes it even better for reading in bed, or in poor light anywhere. I’ve picked up several print books recently and struggled to read them, because of the very small font – they would be much easier to read on a Kindle! Another bonus is the weight. For example, this month I’ve read The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins on my Kindle – this in a print book is around 700+ pages, making it a heavy and awkward book to read, but a doddle on the Kindle, no heavier or fatter than the slimmest paperback!

I also like the speed you can get a book – instantly, no more waiting for it to arrive in the post. This, of course, can also be a disadvantage, encouraging me to buy more books, but so far, I’ve been very strict with myself and the majority of books I’ve acquired have been free – another plus!

13 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: e-reading”

  1. I must admit I did not like the idea of thie kindle when it first came out but feel there is a place for one in our household – we’ll have to have a think about it, would be an ideal birthday present.


  2. I love my Kindle, for the all reasons you mention. It’s also great for a writer as you can upload your own documents onto it. But there’s one huge disadvantage: not being able to read it in the bath. If someone came up with a see-through, waterproof case I’d be first in line to buy that.


  3. Margaret – I like the Kindle experience, too actually, and it’s good to hear that you’re enjoying it. One of the things I like best is that you can search and return to other points in a novel much more easily than you can a paper book.


  4. Denise, a Kindle would be a very good present, I think.
    Janet, I used to like reading in the bath – until I dropped a library book (!!!) once – never again.
    Margot, yes – it’s like having an index, isn’t it?
    Cathy, I have lots on at the moment and plenty of samples too. Far too many to read quickly, but somehow this doesn’t bother me as much as having unread print books.
    M J Thomas – it’s ideal for anyone struggling to hold a book.


  5. I’m struggling with getting one too. I think it would work for me for travelling and in the evening when light is an issue. So glad you mentioned that, my kids keep saying you can’t see it in the dark. ….HMmmmmmmmmmm. This may be the Christmas/Birthday present my husband neglected me with, I’ll just use his credit card and send him a thank you note.


  6. I still love my books, but I think my Kindle is fantastic, and it has to be the most exciting and most important change to reading since the invention of the printing press. Hopefully it will make books and reading more accessible to more people – especially youngsters.


  7. Lighting is a GREAT point. One of my new favorite things is reading in the dark, which is not possible w/ paper, but my Nook adjusts lighting, so I can turn it higher or lower easily or change font – size, pg color, style, etc, etc. Very nice. Good point about great big volumes, too. I read a couple books over 800 pages without feeling the weight of the book in my hands last year!! 🙂

    My Musing:


  8. I agree whole-heartedly. Real books are nice, but for me who import most of my books from abroad, Kindle is the only sensible solution in the long run. Not only for me, but also for the environment. So I buy some Scandinavian paper books, all my American books in ebook format, and British books depending on the price.

    And seen from the perspective of a writer: I am not sure I´d have had any kind of breakthrough if my readers couldn´t buy and download my books quickly and conveniently all over the world.


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