S is for Smailholm Tower and Sir Walter Scott

I took these photos of Smailholm Tower, near Kelso in the Scottish Borders on a grey day in November last year. It’s open to the public, but in the winter it’s only open at the weekends  and we went on a weekday! We keep meaning to go back and see the inside.

I think it’s an impressive sight!

It’s a peel tower perched on top of a rocky crag, originally built in the 15th/16th centuries to protect its occupants from English raiders. It’s now a Scheduled Ancient Monument in the care of Historic Scotland.

Although the Tower now stands alone on the crag it was once the centre of a small castle toun. Sir Walter Scott stayed with his grandparents who lived at Sandyknowe Farm in the hollow near the Tower, where his parents hoped his delicate health would improve. It was there that his love of the Borders began as his aunt and grandmother recited to him ballads and Border tales and legends.

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7 thoughts on “S is for Smailholm Tower and Sir Walter Scott”

  1. On our trip to Scotland one of my favorite places was Sir Walter Scott’s home. I could live there supremely happily and stroll down to the river every day. What a beautiful place. However, we didn’t get to see this tower which looks imposing against that gray sky.


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