R is for Ravensheugh Sands

Ravensheugh Sands in East Lothian, Scotland.

The view below shows the beautiful, unspoilt beach, with Bass Rock on the horizon. Bass Rock is the home of thousands of gannets.




Enjoying the view:P1050519

An ABC Wednesday post to illustrate the letter R.

15 thoughts on “R is for Ravensheugh Sands

  1. Such a beautiful place! The greyhounds look very warm in their coats. It is much more attractive than the blue fleece our Zelda wears… it may be time for me to shop for fashionable ‘greyhound wear’ 😉


  2. Wow! Loved this – my MIL rescued a greyhound and has done wonders with him. She named him Blakey, ie from Blakey Ridge on the North York Moors. He is quite a softy and great company for MIL and her other dog, Holly. xxx


  3. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, don’t you just love it when you can get a coastline and beach like this, almost exclusively to yourself?
    I love walking on firm, damp sand, right close to the waters edge, so that the spray just hits your face gently, so relaxing yet invigorating.
    I am not a big animal person, so we have never had the excuse of having to walk the dog to get out and about, but I know that hubbie would have a dog tomorrow given the chance.
    I spent an enjoyable few minutes browsing the site you linked to. The quality of the photography was excellent and some of the images are just amazing. If you get chance check out her latest set of images of the ‘Aurora Borealis’ – Northern Lights – they are oustanding. Such a good site that I have added it to my blogroll, so that I am reminded to visit regularly, so thanks for the recommendation and a lovely post.


  4. Years ago I spent a summer in Scotland with a good friend whose mom was from Edinburgh. His uncle took us to Tantallon Castle. It was a beautiful day. We climbed up to the top of the castle (traumatic), put our toes in the North Sea, and had a lovely picnic lunch — his grandmother made a centerpiece for our table (a blanket) out of a coke can and wildflowers. I recently found pictures from the trip and posted them on Facebook. Several of my friends were interested in knowing more about Bass Rock. Is this view from the opposite side?


  5. Thanks for your comments – it certainly is a lovely place.

    Katrina, I think you must be right about the hills in the background and Margaret W. I don’t know Tantallon Castle, so I looked it up and it’s north of Ravensheugh Sands, so you would get a different view of Bass Rock from there.


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