Saturday Snapshot: Bridges on the Tyne

Every now and then we go to Newcastle upon Tyne, usually only managing to go round the shops, but on Tuesday we decided to see a bit more of the city.

Even though it was a grey, misty day (as these photos, taken in the early afternoon, show) we decided to have a look at the River Tyne. The river is crossed by several bridges and went to the High Level Bridge, designed by  Robert Stephenson and built between 1847 and 1849. It’s a road and railway bridge. Below is the view of the pedestrian/road crossing below the railway line.

From this bridge we could see more bridges crossing the river. Below is the view of the Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge between Newcastle and the Gateshead Metro Centre :

We walked about halfway across the bridge to see more bridges  across the river. The photo below shows the Swing Bridge (red and white) and the Tyne Bridge, in the centre with The Sage, an international music centre in the background:

East of  the Tyne Bridge is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge (white):

Standing on the High Level Bridge, my eye was caught by this statue on the top of a building below:

This is King Neptune with two fishwives seated on both sides. This was the old fish market, erected in 1880.

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Bridges on the Tyne

  1. Margaret – Thanks for these lovely ‘photos! I’ve been to Newcastle a few times, actually and found Northumbria a beautiful place. Thanks for reminding me of some very pleasant trips.


  2. Lovely photos. I hate to admit it that even though I’ve crossed the globe as far as Christchurch in NZ, I’ve never been 100 miles east of where I live to Newcastle.


  3. There are so many great things to comment on in your photos! My favorites are those with the many arches (the two bride shots). King Neptune is also very photogenic with his moss coating. 🙂


  4. These photos are fantastic. I love all of the different bridges some are so old and beautiful and others so modern and interesting. The King Neptune statue is amazing! Very elaborate for a fish market but it was probably a great way to draw customers


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