Saturday Snapshot

I’ve been looking at old family photos again:

This is my Great Grandmother, my mother and her older brother. I don’t know how old my mother was at the time, but this was probably taken in about 1917/18.

I know very little about my Great Grandmother – her name was Elizabeth, she was born in 1855 in Wales. When she was 12 she made this sampler:

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27 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. Margaret – What a wonderful ‘photo! Such a lovely look into your family history. The sampler’s beautiful, too. You’re fortunate to have those family treasures.


  2. What a fabulous photo, Margaret!! Your mother looks like a little doll. Precious expression. How marvelous that you have the photo and the sampler. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  3. The photograph is lovely. Your mother was so cute, and she obviously got her beauty from your great-grandmother. I like the way your uncle is standing – typical boy. I enjoy seeing samplers the young girls always made to prove their ability at embroidery. Wish my family had saved some.


  4. This family photo is wonderful! Your mother is adorable…so little, petite and elegant. SHe and your uncle are dressed exquisitely. I love their outfits. I wonder if your uncle couldn’t wait to put on something more comfortable that he could play in?! It’s so sweet how both children are leaning on your great grandmother, too.

    The sampler is so pretty and well-done. It’s also in terrific shape. It’s pretty amazing that the thread colors haven’t faded at all. I would probably frame it and hang on the wall…to show it off as well as to save it.

    Thank you for sharing these photos. They’re wonderful memories of the past and connections to your families history.


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