Weekend Cooking: Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

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Nigella Lawson’s programmes and books never fail to entertain and inform. Her latest is Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home.

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In the Introduction she writes about what the kitchen means to her and says:

A real chef would have an apoplectic fit and a nervous breakdown simultaneously – if forced to cook in my kitchen. The surfaces are cluttered, the layout messy and getting messier by the day (and, overall, I’ve no doubt my kitchen would fail many a health and safety test and law of ergonomics). But I love it, even if it is more of a nest than a room. (page xv)

Thank goodness for that , not only is Nigella a real woman she has a real kitchen too. I like the way she writes, with no fuss or nonsense and I like her mouth-watering recipes, that are easy to follow and a pleasure to cook. In this book she begins with a list of kitchen equipment that she regards as essential and non-essential too.

I previously posted a recipe from this book – Blondies, which my husband made. I bought him the book for Christmas and yesterday he made Strawberry and Almond Crumble, which is so delicious! We had friends round so I didn’t take a photo and we ate it all up! Here’s a photo from the book:
Strawberry crumble

The recipe is online at BBC Food Recipes.

Nigella writes:

The oven doesn’t, as you’d think, turn the berries into a red-tinted mush of slime, but into berry-intense bursts of tender juiciness. This is nothing short of alchemy: you take the vilest, crunchiest supermarket strawberries, top them with an almondy, buttery rubble, bake and turn them out on a cold day into the taste of an English summer. Naturally, serve with lashings of cream: I regard this as obligatory. (page 131)

I love that description of crumble as an ‘almondy, buttery rubble’, and I love this recipe. This book is one of Nigella’s best.

17 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

  1. How strange – I wrote about my kitchen today! lol! I was given Nigella’s book for Christmas and was pleased to see her recipes were from the TV series – which we both watch. Always so ambiguous – we always have a laugh! Will join in this fun meme!


  2. I am going to have to find Nigella’s cookbooks. I remember the Blondies, and now this crumble looks good too. I also like the quotes you’ve used which tell me I would enjoy reading her book.


  3. Fabulous post. I have always liked Nigella and it’s great to get more insight into this book — one of hers that I do not own . . . yet. I love the way she writes and the crumble looks heavenly.


  4. Margaret – Thanks for this post. Food is such an essential part of what makes us feel safe, and for many people, it is a symbol of home, family, togetherness…. No wonder cookbooks are as popular as they are :-).


  5. I just love reading about cookbooks. For some reason, I assumed Nigella was cut from the same cloth a Martha Stewart, a person that is almost completely alien to me, and so never sought out her books, etc.

    From what you saw she is more of my ilk…

    She had me at “turn them out on a cold day into the taste of an English summer.” Aahh!!


  6. Are there pictures of her kitchen in the book? I really need to buy one of her books. She seems like my kind of cook and person!


    1. Most of the photos are of food, with just the odd ones here and there of kitchen utensils and scenes in a kitchen. Dave & I often wonder if the TV programmes are filmed in her kitchen – I think they are because it’s full of all sorts of things that I wouldn’t think they’d put in a studio – drawers full of things she’s collected and so on.


  7. I love Nigella’s shows (as do many others it seems :)), but I did read somewhere that the kitchen they’re filming in is not her own kitchen (lol, it does look very organized!). This recipe is perfect for the first or the last strawberries of the season, those ones that are slightly sour, ugly and sometimes plain flavorless… I tend to make all kinds of crumbles with fruit that’s slightly off (plums that don’t soften, berries that are too sour, etc.), it’s the perfect solution 🙂


  8. Just watched Kitchen Express this morning. We have 3 going here so she gets lots of air time. I find all her books great. Marmite and Spagetti now thats something! I agree The Kitchen and the first one How to Eat are the best.


  9. Nigella’s kitchen sounds rather like mine. It does produce some amazing food, so it’s not all bad. Thanks for the introduction to her. I’ve seen her on tv but not looked at any of her books. Will have to check my library. Thanks.


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