Sunday Salon – the First Books of 2011

My reading this year has been from books I’d started in December and I’ve now finished these – Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Just Me, Sheila Hancock’s autobiography. I borrowed Just Me from my local library. It interested me, not because Sheila is a ‘celebrity’ but because it’s about her life as a 75 year old woman, recently a widow and I wondered what she had to say. She comes across as a down-to-earth person, feisty and open about her views on life and her beliefs.

I’m still reading Eden’s Outcasts: the Story of Lousia May Alcott and her Father by John Matteson and I’m also reading a crime fiction book, Payment Deferred by Joyce Holms.

Much of my reading time this week, however, has been on my new Kindle. I’ve spent  hours learning how to use it, loading in free books, mainly classics and starting to read quite a few of them. I’ve bought one book – Ink in the Blood by Hilary Mantel and I’ll write a separate post about this remarkable little memoir in a few days’ time.

I’m enjoying the experience of reading on my Kindle but it certainly won’t replace reading printed books. For one thing I have plenty of those still waiting to be read and for another it still hasn’t got the feel of a ‘real’ book for me. That may come but for now the Kindle is another source of reading material and not a substitute.

I do like a number of things about it – the weight and ease of handling it is obvious. I also like being able to look up the meanings of words so easily – just a click and up pops a definition. I like being able to go immediately to where I’m up to and also find locations when I’ve highlighted passages. I haven’t tried making notes yet or using pdfs. I like the ease of acquiring books – too easy maybe for a bookworm like me, but so far I have been restrained – and of downloading samples. I like the customer reviews and the quick links to wikipedia and Google.

I can only think of a couple of downsides to using it and that is that the page size is a little on the small side for me – I’m ‘turning’ the pages too quickly on a larger font size and the smallest size is a bit too small for me. And it’s going to add to my TBR list very quickly!

Next up on my blog tomorrow –  Kerrie’s Crime Fiction Alphabet begins with the letter A.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – the First Books of 2011

  1. Margaret, glad to see that you’re enjoying your Kindle so far. I totally relate to your thoughts on it, especially the restraint necessity. Way too easy to push a button and “buy”. I have gotten used to my altered font size and like it a lot. It has not resplaced regular books for me though and I don’t think it ever will.


  2. Margaret – Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your Kindle. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I will probably get one at some point, and it’s helpful to know what others think of their Kindles.


  3. I just got a Kindle for Christmas and I love the ease of buying part (well, love/hate, since it could create problems!); but I agree about the font size…plus, I’ve noticed that I don’t really get that comfortable, since I’m still a little worried that I’ll push a wrong button and everything will come undone! LOL

    Yes, I think of it as just another book source. I still will always love my print books, and I, too, have lots of them to read. So right now, I have about four books still unread on my Kindle. I’ve read two.

    Here’s my salon:


  4. I covet a Kindle but right now my budget does not permit me one!

    BTW, I have started a weekly feature on Sunday, Sharing Poetry With You, where I would be sharing any poem that has made an impact on my. It could be a classic one or a contemporary one, and anything in between. Today’s Sunday Salon is all about that. Do check out what poem I share today by clicking on Sunday Salon: Sharing Poetry With you. You are invited to give your thoughts on the poem posted. In one word or many words..


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