Resolutions – Booking Through Thursday

Today’s Booking Through Thursday’s question is:

Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

  • Read what I like when I like.
  • Enjoy browsing in bookshops and online book sites.
  • Take part in the Reading Challenges I’ve joined, but not to worry if I don’t read many books for them, or if I don’t finish them.
  • Read books from my TBR shelves.
  • Restrict how many books I borrow from the library, because I often take books back unread.
  • Re-read some old favourites.

That looks like enough! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Resolutions – Booking Through Thursday

  1. If I were to do this, Margaret, my answers would be exactly the same. Re: the library, my husband reads every book he brings home from the library – apart from the rare occasion when he doesn’t like the book. He can’t understand why I bring so many home that I then fail to read. Neither can I really, but am glad I’m not alone in this.


    1. Cath, I think it’s because there are so many books that I’d love to read and they are sitting on the library shelves that I am tempted to borrow them even though I know that I simply won’t have the time to read them all! At least I do look at them all and can decide which ones I really do want to read.


  2. Margaret – I like your resolutions! I think it’s too easy to forget that one of the great pleasures of reading is reading what one wants to read, when one wants to read. Good on you to focus on that :-).


  3. I think your number one resolution is spot on – you should always read what you like. Oddly my resolutions appear a tad opposite of yours simply because I’m new to this and well I’m trying to branch out what I’m reading, I get stuck in one genre too easily 😛


  4. Great resolutions. But it’s ok about the library thing. It keeps the books active in their files, which keeps them longer on the shelves for others even if you don’t read them.


  5. I like your goals. My main one is to use the library more. I have been buying so many books since reading blogs my pile of to be reads is getting a tad tall. This also means reading the ones I’ve got.


  6. I can relate to all your answers Margaret. I really must try and restrict my library borrowing and ONLY bring home the ones I’m sure I’m going to read.
    Many thanks for your comment.
    Regarding your query on ‘Heartstone’, yes I did finish it but I found it very long winded in places, not as good as his previous novels.Have you tried Susannah Gregory’s ‘Matthew Bartholemew’ books set in Medieval Cambridge? I’ve read 2 in the last few weeks both were fantastic reads. She also writes ‘Thomas Challoner’ novels based in London, not tried those yet.


  7. Your resolutions look like they’re more about your happiness and peacefulness than self improvement. Those are the kind of resolutions I love best!

    Also love the Francis Bacon quote.


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