Christmas is …

now over.

We had a good time with our family in West Lothian. The snow held off, so our drive there was uneventful. We’ve had good food, good fun, eaten lots and played lots of games. On Boxing Day we went for a walk  and enjoyed the cold crisp weather.

Yesterday we went to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. The grandchildren loved it!

This is the youngest granddaughter (age just 5) doing her first ever climb:

Grandson (age 8), who went up like a rocket:

and eldest granddaughter (age 10), who climbed with great confidence and ease, really excellent – and that’s not just me saying it but the instructor too:

12 thoughts on “Christmas is …

  1. Hi Margaret,

    It will be good to get New Year over and done with and get back to normal. All those preparations for just a few short days.

    We too, have eaten too much, although have stayed very sober, as have been doing lots of driving.

    Our snow is now almost completely gone, thank goodness, although the resultant muck and slush, is pretty awful!!

    I just love those climbing walls, they are such great fun for children. We travelled all the way to Florida, for them to get very excited about an outdoor climbing wall at ‘Sea World’

    I am glad that you made it up to see your family and obviously had such a great time.

    Happy New Year


  2. What fun to see your grandchildren attacking a challenge in each their way.

    Apart from the exercise, your Christmas sounds much like ours, but we sing quite a lot in our family.


  3. What a wonderful Christmas you had! I love the scene where you walked. Oh to be as fearless as children are; they just tackled that climbing wall as though it were nothing while grownups would be paralyzed with doubt.


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