Saturday Scene

It’s a little bit warmer today, the icicles hanging from the gutters are melting, and the sky is blue. This is the view of the back garden where the sun is shining.

The front garden all is in shade. The birds disappeared when I opened the door to take this photo, but the feeders are tremendously popular.

I had to crawl to the window in the front room to take this photo of a lesser spotted woodpecker on the bird feeder as the slightest movement and it flew away.

It’s difficult to see the woodpecker’s beautiful plumage because the tree is in the shade and the woodpecker refused to move round so I could take a photo of it’s lovely colours.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Scene

  1. Your snow looks so beautiful. It’s snowing here in northeast Pennsylvania just a little and that is supposed to be the case for the next week. I wish your woodpecker had cooperated so we could see his colors. I haven’t seen that kind of woodpecker before. Regardless though, your pictures are super!


  2. This is amazing! This morning I fed the birds and was sat watching them on their feeders for a while. A woodpecker was eating some of the fatballs for quite a while I told hubby about it and he asked if I was sure it was a woodpecker – now seeing this photograph I know for certain it was indeed a woodpecker. Hopefully I will capture it next time it visits. Camera is on the windowsill as we speak!



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