11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Today’s Early Morning Sky

  1. Hi Margaret,

    What some dramatic shots.

    I agree with others, that skies like this are generally more of an evening feature, but when see in the calm of an early morning they are more impressive, I think.

    We just awoke to torrential rain (not as bad as the poor people in Cornwall, of course), it did ease off a little, but did not stop all day. A very soggy affair!!


  2. Hi Margaret,

    I wasn’t sure if you had email followup set on your comments. If you are interested in clouds and the skies in general, you should really check out the cloudspotters site:
    They have a gallery section for cloud art and photographs, uploaded by their members.
    Some of them are stunning, but to be honest with you, I thought that some of your pics. were much better, much more atmospheric.


    1. Thanks for the link, Yvonne. I have become more interested in photography this year, so I’m glad you like my photos – maybe it is becoming a passion!


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