Sunday Selection

This morning I finished reading A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie. I read it very quickly as it’s easy reading and although sprinkled throughout with lots of red herrings it wasn’t too difficult to guess the outcome. I’ll write about it later, along with three other books I’ve read recently.

I’m wondering which book to read next. I have a pile of library books – new ones I borrowed this week:

I think I’d better get on with reading Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday as that is the next book we’re discussing at the book club at the end of October. It’s a matter of timing it right so that I finish it in time but not too soon so that I’ve forgotten about it before the meeting. It’s actually a book that I’ve ignored in the past as the title doesn’t appeal to me – the idea of  fly fishing is not guaranteed to fill me with desire. I have started it, but chapter one isn’t inspiring me, with its details of migratory salmonids, the evolution of salmon parr and feeding conditions. I shall persevere and hope it improves.

Meanwhile, my mind is wandering towards the library books, even though I have two non-fiction books from LibraryThing that I feel I should read soon – why is it that books that sound so interesting suddenly lose their attraction when I start to feel the slightest bit under pressure to read them by a certain date? A hangover from my working life, maybe when I had to produce reports to deadlines.

Another thing too – why do I borrow so many library books when I have plenty of my own still to read? If I didn’t have to return books then I wouldn’t be tempted to borrow more – maybe D should go on his own to take my books back!

Back to the library books, I think I’ll look at Solar by Ian McEwan. I like his books but having read somewhere that this isn’t as good as others and I wondered if it may contain a bit too much about physics for me I decided not to buy it, but to check it out if I saw it in the library. At least, it starts off well, as Michael Beard’s marriage appears to be disintegrating and he can’t stand it – the shame  and inconvenient longing he has for his wife. It does make me want to read on.

I borrowed the other books because I like the authors – apart from The Autobiography of the Queen by Emma Tennant and Mr Monk goes to the Firehouse by Lee Goldberg. I haven’t read anything by these two authors and they are impulse loans. The Goldberg book caught my eye because of its title, which intrigued me as it didn’t convey anything at all to me. On the cover it’s advertised as being based on the Television Series – an American series, I assume, as I’ve never heard of it. If anyone knows this series I’d love to hear about it. Is it any good?

The Autobiography of the Queen attracted me when I read on the front cover that this is ‘hot on the heels of Alan Bennett’s fictional account of the Queen.’ I’ve read that and thought it was very amusing. I thought I needed something light and amusing to counter-balance the crime fiction and serious books I seem to have been reading lately.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Selection

  1. Margaret – I’m glad you liked A Caribbean Mystery I look forward to your review of it. You’ve got a nice lot of books from the library, too :-). My eye was immediately drawn to the Deon Meyer. When you’ve read that, I will be very interested in what you think of it. In the meantime, I know just what you mean about borrowing books when one’s got plenty at home. That’s the sign of a real bibliophile :-).


    • Margot, or it’s a sign of a bookaholic! I’m a book addict.

      I did go and look specifically for a book by Deon Meyer, as I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of his so far.


  2. I’m just as hopeless about library books – huge tbr pile here at home and I’m in and out of the library like a yo-yo. Ridiculous. But at least *free*.


  3. I had exactly the same thoughts about SOLAR so I borrowed it from the library in audio format – all I managed to do was put it on my iPod to listen later but so far I haven’t been too tempted so I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

    I have watched the MONK tv series – I rather like the main character because of the actor who plays him – it’s on the light side of entertainment but enjoyable overall. I must admit though the books left me cold, though I only tried two and not the one you mention. I believe they were written after the series was on TV rather than the other way around which is probably a lot to do with their feeling not very well thought through.


  4. I try not to go into the library, as I know I would come out with books that I don’t need, as I have so many in the house to choose from.
    The idea of having to return them within the deadline, is also a good deterrent. It was okay when we were children, as you only ever received shop brought books on special occasions, but now I like to take my time when reading, although I still only tend to buy from charity shops and baulk if I ever have to pay full price for a book.
    The only time I venture inside the doors now, is to donate books to them, for either lending, or for their sale bar, but even then I have to avert my eyes from all those lovely bookshelves.
    Having said all that, I do like the look of the Ruth Rendell you borrowed, I can’t get enough of the detective/crime books!!


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