Sunday Salon – Choices

This morning I was wondering what to read next. I finished reading Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Vanora Bennett yesterday, and have almost finished The Gourmet by Muriel Barbery, and think I need a change. Maybe it’s time for an autobiography or a biography. I have several to choose from, some I’ve had for years and one that I picked up recently at a bookstall at the local village fair.

Should I read this latest one – Great Meadow: an Evocation by Dirk Bogarde? I couldn’t resist the cover of this book and remembered that I’d enjoyed another autobiographical book by Bogarde many years ago. When I read the opening words in the Author’s Note at the beginning of the book I knew I wanted to read this one too:

An evocation, this, of the happiest days of my childhood: 1930 – 34. The world was gradually falling apart all around me, but I was serenely unaware. I was not, alas, the only ostrich. (page vii)

Or maybe I’ll start Slipstream: a Memoir by Elizabeth Jane Howard, or Eden’s Outcasts: the story of Louisa May Alcott and her Father by John Matteson. Or do I fancy reading Mary Queen of Scots by Alison Weir, or Shakespeare by Peter Ackroyd, or The Day Gone By by Richard Adams (he wrote Watership Down and The Girl on the Swing, amongst other books)?  Maybe The Mitfords: Letters between Six Sisters edited by Charlotte Mosely. I could go on and on.

Choices, choices! Deciding what to read next is sometimes so difficult, but it’s always enjoyable.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Choices

  1. Margaret – I agree; so many choices can leave one wondering which book to read, but you’ve got some lovely choices, so I’ll bet whichever you choose will be good. I’ve always been fascinated by history, so I might pick up Mary, Queen of Scots. But that’s just my view…


  2. You are spoilt for choice there. Looking forward to your review of ‘…unknown woman’, I read this a couple of years ago.


  3. I love it when I make my choice for next read. There are so many good books yet to read, so I always go with whatever strikes my fancy at that moment unless I have an ARC to read.


  4. I’ve only read the Dirk Bogarde out of that lot but I’d strongly reccomend it. I read it several years ago and can still conjour up scenes from it.


  5. I vote for Slipstream. I finished it recently and it is wonderful. EJH had an interesting life!


  6. I always have a hard time choosing nonfiction because I am such a slow NF reader and I know I will be spending a lot of time on the book! I read Slipstream and really enjoyed it–thought Elizabeth Jane Howard is such an interesting person. I’d like to read Eden’s Outcasts, too. Have fun choosing.


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