The Orange Prize for Fiction 2010 shortlist

The shortlist for the Orange Prize for Fiction includes one book I have but haven’t read yet – Wolf Hall and one book I haven’t got but would very much like to read – Lacuna.

The full list is:

Some wonderful titles there.

The two books on the longlist that I have read – Little Stranger and Hearts and Minds haven’t made the shortlist. Let’s hope the shortlisted ones are better than these two, which I did enjoy to a certain degree. My posts on Little Stranger and Hearts and Minds are here and here.

The prize will be awarded on 9 June.

Must get reading Wolf Hall and find a copy of Lacuna. I’m going to the library this afternoon, maybe some of the others will be there?


  1. I’m glad to see this list. I am familiar with only one book on the list – The Lacuna. I have it but haven’t read it yet. I guess I’d better get going. I hope you can find a copy and we can compare our thoughts on it. It’s a big book which may take me a while to read. (Probably why I haven’t started it yet.)


  2. Interesting list, I am a bit disappointed that The Little Stranger wasn’t a contender as I have just finished it and really enjoyed it. I haven’t read any from this list but have Wolf Hall out from the library at the moment.


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