Sunday Salon – Looking for Agatha Christie!

I’ve spent quite a few hours this week unpacking and shelving books. There are still quite a lot of boxes to deal with. So far I haven’t come across my Agatha Christie books and those are the ones I want to read right now. It was made worse this morning when I watched Country Tracks. Ben Fogle  was travelling through South Devon and visited Agatha Christie’s home Greenway House on the banks of the River Dart. Now managed by the National Trust it is open to the public with only 20 people at a time being allowed entrance every ten minutes on allocated timed tickets. Nobody else was there when Ben went in (lucky Ben!) to a beautiful room, lined with white bookcases and renovated to be how it was when Agatha lived there. Now I want white bookcases – D says I’d better get painting! 

I finished reading Ian Rankin’s Black and Blue and Losing You by Nicci French earlier this week and now I’m wondering what to read next. Maybe the next Rebus book – The Hanging Garden or one of the many other books from my to-be-read pile. But what I really want to find are my Agatha Christie books, so I’m off to unpack and shelve more books until I find them.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Looking for Agatha Christie!

  1. That’s annoying. I’m a mood reader and when I’m keen to read a certain thing nothing else will do so I understand. I read all of Christie’s mysteries when I was in my twenties. Eventually I gave them away to those interested in filling in their own collections but I had them for many years. I think even seeing her home on television would be nice, visiting would be even dandier. White bookshelves-sounds good to me. I hope you find them soon. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  2. I’ve been reading about her house and would so love to see it, on tv if not in person. Good luck finding your books! Kinda fun though, a little treasure hunt that you know will offer up what you really love. :<)


  3. I read ‘The Hanging Garden’ at the end of last year, and I thoroughly recommend it. In fact, it might be my favourite Rebus novel so far. I’m sure it will tide you over until you track down those elusive Christies!


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