My Best Crime Fiction Reads in 2009

Kerrie is asking for people’s top ten crime fiction reads of this year from which she will collate the books and come up with the best crime fiction reads of 2009.

The rules are

  1. it is about crime fiction you’ve read in 2009. Year of publication doesn’t matter.
  2. about 10 titles in the format of title, author (no need for description etc).
  3. any order will do. If you think one was so much better than the others, you might like to put it in your list twice.
  4. You have until Jan 7 to do it.

I’ve read a lot more crime fiction this year than in previous years (for example I read 16 in 2008 compared to 47 this year) so it’s really difficult to decide which to list as my top ten. Here they are in alphabetical order of title (tomorrow I could just as easily come up with another ten titles).

If you want to contribute your own list pop over to Kerrie’s blog.

6 thoughts on “My Best Crime Fiction Reads in 2009”

  1. Margaret, thanks for reminding me about this. I went on over to Kerrie’s blog and added my top ten. You’ve got some good ones listed. The only one I’ve read is Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, but I’ve read several of the authors.


  2. I love Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell and Agatha Christie, so I’ll take your recommendations on the other authors–I could use a few new crime writers to shake things up a little in that department!


  3. This is a very interesting list. I have read even one of them but I do remember you writing about some of them. Ruth Rendell is a name I put on my author list – probably at your recommendation. Thanks for your suggestions.


  4. Thanks for your contribution Margaret. The list now has 26 contributions and nearly 300 titles, with a couple of standouts being mentioned several times. I’ll do the stats etc. on about the 8th January


  5. I love Ian Rankin so was delighted to see him on here! I also read the Peter Robinson and the Henning Mankell a few years ago, and enjoyed them both very much (both are favourite authors of mine also). In fact, I enjoyed your list very much! I’ve just discovered Maisie Dobbs – it made my list of top ten crime I placed on Kerrie’s website, and I’ve been hearing about Martin Edwards from everyone over in England and have been desperately looking for The Coffin Trail to read! It’s about to be re-released again, *sigh of relief* so I can start at the beginning. Lovely post, Margaret!


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