Sunday Salon

tssbadge1Earlier this morning I was reading Danielle’s blog A Work in Progress. She wrote about books she’s recently borrowed from the library. One of them is a biography of Louisa May Alcott by Harriet Reisen which looks very interesting. You can see more information on this website. Little Women, Good Wives, Jo’s Boys and Little Men were among my favourite books when I was younger but I didn’t know she wrote books for adults as well.

It reminded me that I have Eden’s Outcasts: the Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father by John Matteson. As I’ve just finished reading one book and thought that I’d read this and went to find it.

I bought it some time ago and thought it was on the bookcase with the to-be-read books, but it wasn’t there. We’re sorting out what to pack to move house, but haven’t touched the books yet. My bookshelves are in rough a-z order but in different sequences in different rooms and I looked through all them several times with no success. I was about to give up when I remembered that we had bought some clear plastic boxes and had filled one with books to see if it would be suitable. This box was at the bottom of a pile of boxes and there at the bottom of it was Eden’s Outcasts. I’ve rescued it and started to read it.

I can see that moving house is going to mean lots of books are going to be inaccessible for some time, especially if we have to put our stuff in storage for a while. Although there’s not going to be much time for reading I really need to sort out some books to keep out to see me through until we’re settled in the new house. It’s difficult to be patient, whilst we wait to see if the solicitors can sort out the contracts in time for us leaving this house on 27 November! I hope we’ll have some definite news in the next few days, otherwise we’ll be looking for somewhere to rent. After these next two weeks I probably won’t be able to blog – either reading others’ or writing my own. I’m going to miss it!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon

  1. I understand about moving your household things and storing your books. One thing my husband & I did was make a list of which books were in which box. Of course, many of ours are still in boxes after moving to our house 5 years ago, but we keep acquiring new ones as well. Good luck in your move.


  2. Moving can be such a pain. I hope you can reserve a special box just for books to be read so you can take breaks from unpacking (or worse, renting!) Your readers will be rooting for the solicitors to make haste before the holidays!


  3. I think only her children’s works have always been in print. The rest went out of print and has only recently been republished again! Too bad about having books inaccessible–that’s a drag. Hopefully the move will go smoothly. At least not being close to the computer means you might have more reading time? Though undoubtedly you’ll be busy with your move. You will be missed, but hopefully it won’t be for too long that you’re away!


  4. Oh moving house! The trauma! The upheaval! Yes, pack a special box of comfort reads and uplifting novels to take with you. Mind you, if you can manage to track down your biography like that, then the chances are you will be a whizz at locating items in a zillion cardboard boxes!


  5. Litlove, I hate packing at the best of times and I’m sure I’ll be wandering round muttering “where’s that book?” for months. And choosing which ones to leave out to read is just so difficult! I’m sure I’ll want to read ones that are packed away. I don’t want to move ever again.


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