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It’s been a busy time here this week as we now have a date for moving house. In six week’s time we don’t know where we’ll be living, but it definitely won’t  be in this house. We may be in our new house (a bungalow) but as we haven’t exchanged contracts yet we don’t have a date for moving in. Until we have I don’t want to write anything about it – but it looks as though there may even be a room that could be called a “book room”,  or even a “library”!

So this week has seen a transformation in this house – we’re now surrounded by boxes everywhere. Even though the removal company will be packing our stuff we’ve had to empty the lofts – why do we store so many things? – so the contents are now filling up the rest of the house. There are tons of old videos (not personal ones!), old computers and microwaves, tennis, badminton and squash rackets, a cricket bat, rucksacks, ropes and other climbing gear, an old breadbin (why?) even a box of coathangers as well as the usual Christmas decorations (three Christmas trees of varying sizes) and so on and so forth. I got excited when D said he’d found a box of books, thinking he’d found some I’d forgotten about. Sadly it was a box of his HNC notebooks! We’ve been sidetracked looking through old photos and old videos of the family and reminiscing.

D has been clearing out one of the sheds as well. We couldn’t find Lucy one night and eventually found her curled up on some old sheets in the shed. She was nearly locked in for the night:

Lucy in shed1


There’s still so much to do but I have been managing to read in between sorting out stuff and trips to the tip to dump stuff that we should have thrown out years ago. This week I finished reading Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro and The Complaints by Ian Rankin – posts on both to follow and am well into Death of the Chief by Douglas Watt. I’ve caught up a bit with writing reviews of books as well with posts on:

As for Reading Challenges I’ve really been neglecting those since we started to sell the house earlier this year but I have been keeping up with the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge and this week have posted an update of my progress. I enjoy Agatha Christie’s books immensely and this has spurred me on to read more of hers – this morning I started reading A Pocketful of Rye – a Miss Marple mystery.

This coming week I do intend to pick up either Wolf Hall again or The Children’s Book. My problem is, as I’ve said before, they’re both physically heavy books and I really need to set aside some time to concentrate on one of them during the day rather than early morning or late at night – not easy right now.

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  1. Moving is not fun; we did it in April. I had a hard time concentrating on reading during that time. Once you are settled, you’ll see it’s all worth it in the end. I hope you get your “library”. Good luck.


  2. Moving house is so much work and hassle! WE did it in April 2008. We had lived in our previous house for 14 years and didn’t realise we had accumulated so much junk. Sorting, throwing, giving away and selling took so much of our valuable time.

    I am impressed that you can still manage to read though!


  3. The next few months are going to be reasonable difficult, aren’t they. But having got buyers for your house you can’t possibly pass the opportunity over. After my first house move I swore that nothing was ever going to go into the loft again and although I haven’t quite manged that for the most part it is only boxes with very specific thing in up there that would simply be moved as they are.
    As to what to read, i would leave ‘The Children’s Book’ until you’re settled. It needs real concentration. ‘Wolf Hall’ is much easier going.


  4. Moving is a pain but congratulations on the house will be forthcoming when all is finalized. I’m reading Murder on the Orient Express for the first time, courtesy of the AC challenge.


  5. I know what you mean Margaret, I won’t say anything to you about it either until you are moved in no matter where you’ll be. Things that I do talk about for some reason don’t materialize. I am waiting though to hear all about it later as well as your review of “Nocturnes”. I have put a hold on it at the Library. I am reading “The Children’s Book” right now. I guess there are so many characters in this book that I really need concentration or I need to back track when my mind wonders… I do enjoy the description of the time and place and of course the artwork and artists minds. I love the picture of Lucy all curled up. Do you have somekind of “Garage Sale” or “Attic Sale” in the UK where you can open your garage to sale some items on the weekend to your neighbors or passers by? It is very popular here especialy with people weeding out their house before moving. Wishing you the most pleasant move.


  6. Moving is hard enough, then trying to find things after the move is another challenge. However, that kind of thing is supposed to be good brain exercise! Good luck!


  7. I hope you are able to make the ‘bookroom’ in the new house a library – what a lovely luxury that would be. I’m amazed that you’ve been able to read so much with all the preparations for moving. I shall cross my fingers for you and hope it all goes well.


  8. I do not envy you your job of packing and sorting through things. We did that three plus years ago. We still had toys and other assorted things that had been around for years. What a job that was. Once it was done, however, the new place was filled with only those things we use and love. It’s a much better living arrangement.


  9. Good luck with the move. Haven’t attempted it myself in over 15 years, but whenever we do a renovation we have to pack up an area of the house and that’s bad enough!

    Stay focused on the book room, aka library. 🙂


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