Unread – Booking Through Thursday

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An idea Deb got from The Toddled Dredge (via K for Kat). Here’s what she said:

‘So here today I present to you an Unread Books Challenge. Give me the list or take a picture of all the books you have stacked on your bedside table, hidden under the bed or standing in your shelf – the books you have not read, but keep meaning to. The books that begin to weigh on your mind. The books that make you cover your ears in conversation and say, No! Don’t give me another book to read! I can’t finish the ones I have!’ ‘

My first thought was “impossible, I’m not listing all my unread books, way too many!”  My second thought was OK – just the books in piles by the bed. These are there because at some time I thought I’d read them next and then forgot about them when others got added on top. I dragged them out and here is the list, in no particular order:

  • Turbulence by Giles Foden – a book from LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer Program. I have just started this and it promises to be good.
  • The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry – another one I’ve started. It looks excellent but it’s not one to read striaght through – that’s my reason (excuse) for not having finished it.
  • Roma by Steven Saylor – a chunkster that I really want to read.
  • The Tuscan Trilogy by Derek Adie Flower – this was forgotten about at the bottom of a pile – sorry Derek.
  • The House of a Thousand Spirits by Isabel Allende – can’t remember why I haven’t started this one.
  • Resistance by Owen Sheers – I was full of enthusiasm for this when I bought it and since then I’ve never been in quite the right frame of mind to read it. I loved his series on BBC4 recently, A Poet’s Guide to Britain.
  • Stockings and Suspenders: a Quick Flash by Rosemary Hawthorne. This is a history of stockings etc full of fascinating information. Did you know that stockings are 3,000 years old and the first stocking machine was invented by a Nottingham vicar? It’s only a short book – must read it soon.
  • Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison – a library book – chic lit I think.
  • Fleshmarket Close by Ian Rankin – for when I get up to it in his Rebus series.
  • The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin – as above. (Both books borrowed from our son).
  • Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy. I have started this and was disappointed it didn’t appeal much.
  • The Chymical Wedding by Lindsay Clarke – started but thought it a bit heavy going so I left it for a while.
  • The Appeal by John Grisham – again forgotten about at the bottom of a pile.
  • The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris – forgotten about it because it was buried at the back of the piles.

This is a good exercise if only to remind me of the books buried by the bed.

My third thought came to me as I passed yet another pile of books on the bookcase on the landing, so instead of listing them here is a photo –

Bookcase Unread Books

I’ve had the Thomas Hardy book a long time now and although I’d started it once I put it to one side whilst I read more of his books and haven’t got back to it yet!

I’m in no danger of running out of books to read – I just need more space for them and time to read them!

16 thoughts on “Unread – Booking Through Thursday

  1. I’ve got Snow and the Thomas hardy book somewhere i one of my many piles or boxes! I’d be intrigued to know why a vicar felt the need to invent a stocking machine!


  2. Melody – The Rose Labyrinth is intriguing – from the back cover: “Before his deah in 1609, the brilliant Elizabethan spy and astologer John Dee hid his most astonishing secrets, trusting his descendants would one day bring them to light. That time has come.” I must read it very soon!

    Violet – it does look fascinating – I wish I could read more books!

    Jo – he was an inventor and “an ardent pursuer of a more practical, hands-on pastime to add balance – and money – to his life.” Elizabeth I wouldn’t give him a grant or monopoly or patent towards his invention! I must read the whole book and write about it eventually. It has wonderful line drawings too.


  3. I think I would really like Stockings & Suspenders. I’m pretty sure I read Shoe Addicts Anonymous last year, or it was her other ‘shoe’ book but it was a cute quick read.


  4. I really liked “Snow” (though I hated “The Black Book”), putting me at odds with most readers. I recommend it but it seems that most people don’t enjoy it as much as I did. There’s something very distant and special to the writing, and something particularly fascinating to the story. Have you read any other Pamuk?


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