Unread – Booking Through Thursday

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Today’s question is suggested by C in DC:

Is there a book that you wish you could ‘unread’? One that  you disliked so thoroughly you wish you could just forget that you ever read it?

If there is I’ve forgotten it!

Seriously, if I really dislike a book that much I don’t read much of it beyond a few pages and usually I can tell from browsing whether I’d like a book or not. There are so many books I want to read that I just can’t waste time reading books I dislike.

15 thoughts on “Unread – Booking Through Thursday

  1. I’d say if you don’t remember one, then you don’t have an “I wish I could UNread that book!” book. LOL.. I think such a book sticks out in your memory and refuses to be forgotten. I tend to go down with the ship when it comes to books… you never know, it could go from terrible to terrific in the last few chapters. I’ve lately done well at choosing books I’ll like (thanks to book-friends and fellow bloggers, LibraryThing, and recommendations from BookMooch and PBS), so even though I might not be impressed by a book, it’s not so bad I wish I could undo it.


  2. Actually, I recall really disliking the book “The Ruins”; Scott Smith, yet it was made into a movie –i could never understand why??


  3. I agree. If I don’t like a book I usually stop after 100 pages. However, there have been exceptions. In the Woods by Tana French — I hated the ending and Souvenir by Therese Fowler — I disliked but read for book club.


  4. I’ll usually give an author about a 100 pages or so (at least), which doesn’t really take me that long to read, so I don’t feel like I’ve “lost” too much. But then again, I’ve only stopped two books mid-way that I can remember.


  5. There are a few that I suffered through (Zorba the Greek, Million Little Pieces, The Shipping News), but in the end I don’t think I wish I could unread them. Maybe have some of that time back, though!


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