Where Are You? and Teaser Tuesdays – Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon


I’m in Venice where an old woman has been found brutally murdered in her flat. The prime suspect is her Romanian maid, who has fled the scene. Commissario Brunetti decides unofficially to take on the case himself.

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teaser-tuesdayFor Teaser Tuesday quote two or three sentences from the book you’re currently reading – without giving away any spoilers. This weekly event is hosted by Mizb. 


I’ve just begun reading Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon. This quote is from the opening paragraph on page 1:

She was an old cow and he hated her. Because he was a doctor and she his patient, he felt guilty about hating her, but not so guilty as to make him hate her any the less. Nasty, greedy, ill-tempered, forever complaining about her health and the few people who still had the stomach for her company, Maria Grazia Battestini was a woman about whom nothing good could be said, not even by the most generous of souls.


17 thoughts on “Where Are You? and Teaser Tuesdays – Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon

  1. I really liked your teaser this week, and I love that it is from page 1. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come.


  2. I sure hope to travel to Venice some day but I think that being introduce to it via Commissario Brunetti must be quite a different experience that I am looking forward to have, I have two of Donna Leon’s novels on my PTR. In a twisted way authors like to play with their audience sometimes by having a character that is worth being killed, it seems that this one is one of those. Lookinf forward to read your full review. Thanks Margaret.


  3. Well you just know the maid didn’t do it – the original suspects are never the guilty party. I’m hoping “the old cow” is the victim and not one of the living – that’s pretty harsh!


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