Wordless Wednesday – The Dark Tower

Niddry Castle, near Winchburgh, West Lothian
Niddry Castle, near Winchburgh, West Lothian


Well, nearly wordless.

Niddry Castle, a Tower House built around 1500, about 11 miles west of Edinburgh. Mary Queen of Scots stayed here in May 1568 after her escape from captivity in Loch Leven Castle.  We visited it on an open day last September. The entrance is up a narrow stone stairway and I was amazed to see a grand piano in the living room way up in the tower.

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – The Dark Tower

  1. Oh my goodness, a grand piano. The colour of the stone makes me think of Keighley and Haworth ; the Bronte novels. An interesting place to visit I’m sure.


  2. As I was looking at the photo I was thinking what a grim place to live and how dark it must be inside. And then you said a family lives there! It must be nicer inside than it looks on the imposing outside.


  3. My first thought on seeing your picture is – what a great setting for a story. Imagine how it would feel to be closed up in the tower with very little light getting in. And you’re in an isolated area with few visitors but the few who do come are kind but strange.

    I’m sure your visit sparked your imagination in all sorts of directions. Great picture. Thanks for sharing.


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