Ferney: Tuesday Teasers

teaser-tuesdayIt’s Tuesday again – the day for posting two or three sentences as teasers from a book you’re currently reading without giving away any spoilers, hosted by Mizb.

Today my teasers are from Ferney by James Long. I’m  not very far into it but so far I think it’s absolutely fascinating. It’s a bit historical, and a bit mysterious with characters who can see what the landscape looked like in centuries long gone.

He lifted his head from the ghost of the wrecked tree and let his gaze wander across the landscape, changing, turning. The pylons in the valley flicked out, the cluster of new houses beyond them melted like butter, the woods writhed, grew ragged and stretched their boundaries, the fields divided themselves back with old, forgotten walls, and a hard, brash metal barn shrivelled back into a thing of sagging tile and stone. (page 30)

ferneyIn addition it has a young couple who have bought their dream cottage in the country – one that is derelict and in need of some tender loving care. But this brings their relationship under strain and Ferney, the old countryman who seems to know everything about  the house and the countryside complicates matters.

10 thoughts on “Ferney: Tuesday Teasers

  1. Your teaser sentences remind me of times when I’ve looked at a wide sweeping landscape and have imagined what it looked like without all the man-made structures on it. Very interesting.


  2. Thanks for reminding me about this book. I read about it somewhere and thought it sounded really good and then promptly forgot about it. I’m adding it to my wishlist right now so I don’t forget again.


  3. Thanks for your comments.

    Margot, that’s just what I thought too. I often try to see how places have changed, what they were like in years gone by – it’s one of the reasons I enjoy “reading” old maps.


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