Tuesday Thingers

tuesdaythingersIt’s been a while since I did a Tuesday Thingers post. Actually I hadn’t realised that it had started again,  but it has thanks to Wendi, who’s taken over asking the questions. It’s a good way to learn more about LibraryThing. This week’s question is all about the memes on LibraryThing, which I have looked at before, but there are new ones since I last looked. These memes are specific to your own books on LT.

Here are the current memes available:

You and None Other. Books shared with exactly one member.
Dead or Alive? How many of your authors are dead?
Dead or Alive Comparison How do you stack up against others?
Male or Female? What gender are your authors?
Work Duplicates. Works you have more than one of.

Question: Do you visit the memes section often? Have you visited recently? Have you discovered anything that surprises you when you visit the memes for your library?

I don’t visit the memes section often and when I looked this morning there weren’t any real surprises. Apart from the “Male or Female? What gender are your authors?” I have 111 authors whose gender is “not set”. Oops, I don’t think rugby players like Martin Johnson, Lawrence Dallaglio and Bill Beaumont would be too happy with that!

bradshaws0011In the “You and None Other” meme which means me and only one other person in LT (confuses me this section but that’s what it means) there are several books. I’m particularly interested in this one – Bradshaws ancient rock paintings of North-West Australia by Grahame L Walsh. This is a book that I inherited from my sister and although it is beautiful it is not really of much interest to me and I would like to sell it. Anyone interested please contact me for more details.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Thingers

  1. Hello Margaret
    I would be very interested in purchasing the book that you mentioned. I am fascinated by rock art around the World and to see that some place in Australia people would have been influenced in their art by African people does open questions. I love mystery even better when it comes in an art form. Let me know what you are asking for it. Thank you.


  2. I don’t visit the meme section either. I did fill in some of the “missing genders” for a few of my authors, but I still don’t know how to correct the living-or-dead problem. This was an interesting question, though.


  3. You know, I was surprised at how many of my authors weren’t classified into male/female yet. I didn’t see where it could be updated either.

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I’ve got the post up for this week, we’re taking a look at our favorite books. ~ Wendi


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