Teaser Tuesday

MizB at Should be Reading hosts this weekly teaser. The idea is to pick two sentences from any page in the book you’re currently reading without giving away “spoilers”.

I’m still reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo so here from today’s reading are three sentences from page 764. This is from one of Hugo’s meditations or digressions that he intersperses in the story just when you want to know what happens next. This meditation appealed to me when I read it today. He has been describing the wild garden of the house where Valjean and Cosette are currently living and he is contemplating Nature and Life:

Nothing is truly small, as anyone knows who has peered into the secrets of Nature. Though philosophy may reach no final conclusion as to original cause or ultimate extent, the contemplative mind is moved to ecstasy by this merging of forces into unity. Everything works upon everything else.

8 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. I’m so sad now, I’ve always wanted to read Les Miserables, but somehow it seems like I’m not fated to read it. The first copy of it I got when I went to Australia, and then lost it on the plane home. The second copy I tried to get from Bookmooch, but it got lost in the mail. Maybe someone up there doesn’t want me to read it until later? LOL!


  2. Thank you for posting this! It is lovely! There are some fabulous extracts in ‘Les Miserables’ – when you get through the in-depths descriptions of the Battle of Waterloo and the Bishop’s annual expenditure!
    Please may I add a random reflection from Tolstoy, here:
    “All I understand, I understand only because I love. All exists only because I love. To love everything is to love God in all his manifestation.”
    Thank you for a lovely blog! (May we place a link to you from ours?)
    Hilliard & Croft

    Most Beautiful Princess


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