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My Mii
My Mii

I’m persevering with Wii Fit even though my weight keeps going up and down. Really, I don’t understand it – I do the aerobic exercises, jogging, stepping, boxing and still can’t lose weight! What I do like is that I’m years younger on WiiFit than I am in real life, so I’m not doing so badly. The Hula Hoop is exhausting too and I’ve found out that I can only hula hoop to the left – my right hula-ing is practically non existent as the most spins I’ve managed are a pitiful 52. Yoga is surprisingly very good on Wii Fit. For years I practised yoga at night school and at home and Wii Fit tells me just what I’m doing wrong (and what I’m doing right!) and tells me how to adjust my balance to achieve the right posture. But why is it that my balance is at “Yoga Trainer” level in the Yoga Exercises but in the Balance Games I’m “unbalanced” – I can’t head footballs, make balls drop through holes, ski slalom or get my bubble down the stream. I’m not too bad at the ski-jump though, beating D hands down.

It is becoming an addiction though and I’m getting better at some of the Wii Sports. I’m a pro, would you believe it, at bowling – in real life I’m useless but on Wii sports I’m pretty good. I’m getting better at golf although the courses just have to be to seen to be believed as you island hop to get to the green from the tee. I love the tennis and am well on the way to being a pro at that too. Boxing is great fun and the image of my Mii with boxing gloves on is quite frightening. Now baseball is a revelation. I don’t know the game at all but I’m learning.

The end result is that I may not be loosing weight but I am getting fitter. The downside is that Wii is eating into my reading time!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Picture

  1. A good number of the people I know have been talking about wii fit lately and how hard the hula hooping is so don’t feel bad. I don’t own a wii and have never played but is sounds like fun.


  2. I definitely am better at hula-hooping clockwise than I am at counter-clockwise!

    I’ve got friends who swear by their WiiFit, and I’m really starting to want one of my own…


  3. I tried the hula hoop on WiiFit a few weekends ago (at a friend’s) and it was exhausting!! I do much better with the Yoga and jogging. Frankly, I prefer the real world or my treadmill and audio books. 🙂


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