The Adventure Story

My eight year old granddaughter is very creative. She loves drawing and painting and has won prizes for her pictures. She also loves reading and writing. She has written lots of stories on the computer and she sent me this one recently. I hope you like it. I just love those tips at the end!

The Adventure Story by Emilia 

Once upon a time there lived a girl in the mountains called Charlie. She lived in a cottage with her mum, her dad and her sister Lily. One day Charlie went off into the mountains on her own and she found a dark, scary, spooky cave. She shouted ‘˜HELLO’! her voice echoed. 

“I wonder who lives here?” said Charlie. Then she quietly wandered off into the cave.

But Charlie did not know that a witch lived in a cottage just outside the cave which she had just passed.

“Hello,” said a croaky voice.

“Hello, I’m Charlie,” said Charlie.

“Come into my cottage,” said the witch.

But in the cottage there were potions.

Charlie got scared and she just had to RUN. She ran all the way home and told her mum everything that happened.

“You shouldn’t go off on your own,” said her mum

“Yer,” said Lily.

“Don’t be mean, Lily,” snapped her Dad.

And ever since this happened Charlie had been safe.

        THE END   

Charlie’s top tips for staying safe

  • NEVER accept a letter from people you don’t know.
  • NEVER walk with a stranger.
  • NEVER go in a stranger’s house or car.

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Story

  1. This is just delightful. Having an eight year old grandaughter myself I know exactly how thrilling it is when they do these lovely things. Being a grandma is so different to being a mother!


  2. You do know, that this is my main research area, don’t you – the way in which stories written by and for children are organised? Emilia’s story is great. She organises her narrative in exactly the right way to signal to her readers what information is important and how all the events link together. Encourage her to keep going and I would love to see what else she writes.


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