Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge 2009

I’d decided that I wasn’t going to join any more challenges for next year because I don’t want to feel that I’m reading to deadlines, but this one is ideal for me as I always borrow books from the library. The rules are simple:

There will be three sizes of challenges.

** The first is to read 12 books from your local library in 2009.
** The second is to read 25 books from your local library in 2009.
** The third is to read 50 books from your local library in 2009.

You decide which one of the three challenges is best for you.

  • You can join anytime as long as you don’™t start reading your books prior to 2009.
  • This challenge is for 2009 only. The last day to have all your books read is December 31, 2009.
  • You can join anytime between now and December 31, 2009.

So far this year I’ve read 33 library books, so I can easily attempt the second challenge. If I do read more than 25 that’s a bonus and I may even reach 50. If you want to join in click here.

8 thoughts on “Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge 2009

  1. I think Emilia would smash that 50 book target. We went to the library this afternoon and Emilia chose 8 books. She has already read all of them.


  2. Ooo I would find this very difficult… I read quite a few books from the university library, but I’m not actually a member of Oxford City library… I love owning books, and have so many unread books, and the selection at the library is always modern and pretty mediocre. But I will make the first step and get library membership!


  3. GeraniumCat I’m lucky that our library system is very good.
    Simon I hope you find the library is better than you think though I think you can count the University library as your “local library”.


  4. I generally read a fair number of library books as well. This would be a perfect fit for me as well, though like you I said I wouldn’t join any or many challenges next year (and have already joined two!). In any case I’ll read along in spirit. Every January/February my library has an adult winter reading program where you read five books and get a mug or totebag at the end. I’ve done it for the last few years and suspect I’ll join again. I’ve sort of cut myself off from library books for the rest of the year in expectation of this.


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