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Today’s BTT question is:

If you’™re anything like me, one of your favorite reasons to read is for the story. Not for the character development and interaction. Not because of the descriptive, emotive powers of the writer. Not because of deep, literary meaning hidden beneath layers of metaphor. (Even though those are all good things.) No ‘¦ it’™s because you want to know what happens next?

Or, um, is it just me?

A short answer today as I haven’t much time – still sorting out my sister’s house etc.

What happens next is what drives the story forward and makes me want to turn the pages to find out. Of course, interesting characters are essential and it is the descriptive, emotive powers of the writer that makes the book interesting to me. Metaphor and depth of meaning definitely add to my enjoyment of a book. I suppose I need all those elements for a book to appeal to me.

9 thoughts on “Stories – Booking Through Thursday

  1. I agree — there are several factors involved, but the book has to keep us turning the pages before we can appreciate any of the subtleties!


  2. I agree that “what happens next” keeps me turning the page, but it is the themes, character development and writer’s style that make it a great read, as opposed to just a page turner. And it’s the themes, character develoment and style that stay with me long after the details of the plot are forgotten.


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