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I’ve been watching Nigel Slater’s TV programmes A Taste of My Life. So enjoyable!

I finished reading Atonement yesterday and am in the middle of writing about it, but I felt I needed to read something less heart-rending. I’ve been reading mostly books about or set in the Second World War, enlightening but serious stuff. And then I remembered I have Toast by Nigel Slater, subtitled “the story of a boy’s hunger”. The first few pages I’ve read are so amusing and wonderful. It’s a mixture of food and family and although there are hints that not all went well in his childhood, so far it has cheered me up enormously. His description of how his father made a contraption for lifting the ancient heavy Kenwood from “its deep dark hole in the kitchen work surface” made me laugh out loud at the image of the “huge mixer bouncing up  like a jack-in-a-box”.

4 thoughts on “Food and Books”

  1. Isn’t it delightful to have Nigel Slater back in another series of A Taste of My Life? My favourite so far has been Jane Horrocks. I had no idea she was so down-to-earth – ‘A friend in need is a pest’. LOL!

    I think you’ll enjoy ‘Toast’. I certainly did.


  2. Yes, Jane Horrocks is my favourite too, she has such talent. The tripe was interesting I thought – my father used to eat tripe but the rest of us wouldn’t touch it. Not surprisingly I have not seen it in the shops for years.


  3. I hope the Toast book doesn’t become “heartrending” as well. I have a feeling it might, just from something I read a while back. And I just love Jane H. We saw her recently on the dvds of The Amazing Mrs Pritchard. I loved her in Ab Fab and Little Voice, too. I so envy your BBC.


  4. Why are all the good TV programs on the BBC??? Oh how I wish I could watch this. Especially the show with Nigella, my two favorites. Well, I will see if youtube has any bits of these.

    May I ask, how are you enjoying WordPress? I’ve been thinking a little about changing but am reluctant b/c I am very computer illiterate.


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