Six Random Things

I’ve been tagged by Ashleigh to share six random things about myself.

Here are the rules:

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So here goes:

1.I wake up most mornings with the dawn chorus. The birdsong is just tremendous these days, it’s like an orchestra tuning up outside the bedroom window at about 4.00am. I usually doze off again but am awake before 6.00am again most days.

2.As a child I was scared of dogs. I wouldn’™t go anywhere where there was a dog if I could help it. Visiting friends and relatives with dogs was a nightmare; I wouldn’™t go in the house if a dog came rushing to the door or be in the same room if the dog was loose. I was just terrified ‘“ they were so big and boisterous with ferocious-looking teeth and deafening barks. No matter how much my parents and the dogs’™ owners tried to reassure me that the dogs wouldn’™t hurt me I didn’™t believe them. This continued as I grew older and I would cross the road if I saw a dog ahead of me on the same side.

My mother said she thought my fear stemmed from the time I was a baby and a barking dog jumped up to my pram. I think it also comes from the dog my grandfather kept tied up by his chair. I was scared of him as well as of his dog. He had a big bristly moustache and was very gruff and it seemed as though he barked himself when he spoke. My fear persisted, although I was able to control it better as I became older, until our son was five and started school. Both he and my husband wanted a dog and I ran out of excuses not to get one ‘“ and I didn’™t want my son to have the same phobia. So we got a Golden Retriever. She was a beautiful dog and helped me overcome my fears, so much so that a few years later we got another dog as well.

3.My first job was a Saturday job in a grocery when I was still at school. The owners, Mr and Mrs Davies, lived above the shop and kept a large Alsatian dog in the backyard. I used to wait for my friend to arrive to go in with her, as I was still scared of dogs. It was a very busy shop, especially in the morning. I used to sell the fancy cakes and bread. The chocolate cup cakes and cream cakes were my favourites. I used to like serving the cooked meats, but was a bit nervous of the meat slicer. When it was quiet, before closing time I had to stock up the bags of sugar, which were kept behind the freezer ‘“ there was just enough room to squeeze in and stock the shelves. I earned 12/6 each Saturday. Mrs Davies was very old-fashioned and used to ask if I was ‘œwalking out’ with a boy (I was).

4.I love natural yoghurt. I make my own and have some with my breakfast every day. The best yoghurt I’ve ever eaten was in Greece, but the Greek yoghurt I buy here just isn’t the same. My homemade yoghurt is nearly as good, though. I make it in a yoghurt maker and then strain it.

5.I don’™t have a head for heights and get dizzy just climbing a ladder. It’™s really difficult getting down again. This is not too bad as I don’t climb ladders very often (I’ve never been able to get up into our loft because of this) but it’s a real handicap coming down spiral staircases in castles and church towers, which I do like to explore.

6.I was in a car accident when I was 17. I smashed my head against the windscreen, had cuts all over my face and a few in my legs.but fortunately I only needed a few stitches in my forehead, chin and neck and have only slight scars, but three of my front teeth were broken and I had to have them crowned. I also bit right through my tongue which was very painful.

I’ve seen this on many blogs recently, but if you haven’t done it and would like to, please consider yourself tagged.

6 thoughts on “Six Random Things

  1. These facts are always so interesting! I’m mostly just pleased to see SOMEONE is still spelling yoghurt with an ‘h’… most shops seem to have stopped now.


  2. Thanks for playing! I love learning random things about people. I’m glad to hear that you had help with your fear of dogs, they’re such great creatures. My mom never believes anyone however when they say “my dog won’t bite” because when she was younger she was bit in the face by a dog on two separate occasions after the owner said just that. I’m off to Greece tomorrow I’d send you some yoghurt if I could! 🙂


  3. I had a similar experience with dogs — I was scared of them growing up and kind of indifferent after that, until my husband wanted to get one, and then I fell in love with ours and now am MUCH more comfortable with dogs. There’s nothing like spending some quality time with a dog to get over your fear.


  4. What fun! Your morning chorus sounds delightful, though I can imagine it can be annoying if you really want to sleep. I’ve got height issues too. I don’t get dizzy, but my stomach starts to do flip-flops.


  5. I have the same sort of phobia about cats brought on by an incident with one when I was about seven. Unfortunately, I’ve never managed to get over it. And I’m with you on the natural yoghurt. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to add colourings and flavours.Thanks for coming over to the cafe, by the way. I’m really looking forward to spending time with people there.


  6. Stuckinabook, I’m always interested in different alternative spellings – in this case I do prefer “yoghurt”.Ashleigh, I wouldn’t believe them either if I’d been bitten by a dog! I’m so glad I got over my fear as the dogs we have had were just such loving animals and enjoyed life to the full. Pity about the yoghurt …Dorothy, I didn’t know a dog could be so fantastic until we had one.Stefanie, the dawn chorus would be better a bit later in the day.Table Talk, sorry about that cat. Cats are all very different and Lucy (our current cat) seems to think she is a dog – she would come on walks with us if we let her. I don’t like the sweetened yoghurt either.


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