A – Z Favourites

Simon at Stuck in a Book has come up with a great idea A – Z Favourites. The idea is to pick a favourite author for each letter of the alphabet, and the accompanying novel. This set me thinking and although it’™s practically impossible for me to decide who my favourite authors are I decided to make it a bit easier and only considered books I’™ve read in the last few years. This means leaving out favourite authors such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Wilkie Collins, and Charles Dickens. (There’™s the start of another list.)

CUNNINGHAM, Michael ‘“ The Hours
ELIOT, GEORGE -Middlemarch

FRANKLIN, ARIANA ‘“ Mistress of the Art of Death
GAARDER, JOSTEIN ‘“ The Solitaire Mystery
HARDY, Thomas ‘“ The Woodlanders
ISHIGURO, KAZUO – Remains of the Day
JAMES, P D ‘“ Original Sin
KINGSOLVER, BARBARA ‘“ The Poisonwood Bible
LIVELY, PENELOPE ‘“ The Photograph

McEWAN, IAN -Atonement
NARAYAN, R K ‘“ The Painter of Signs
OLSSON, LINDA ‘“ Astrid and Veronika

PULLMAN, PHILIP ‘“ His Dark Materials
QUINDLEN, ANNA ‘“ Blessings (the only book I’™ve read recently/ever by an author whose name begins with ‘˜Q’™)
REEVE, PHILIP ‘“ Here Lies Arthur
SANSOM, C J ‘“ Revelation

TOLSTOY, LEO ‘“ War and Peace
U ‘“ none
VICKERS, SALLEY ‘“ Instances of the Number 3
WOOLF, VIRGINIA ‘“ Mrs Dalloway
X – none
YOUNG, ANGELA ‘“ Speaking of Love
ZAFON, CARL RUIZ ‘“ The Shadow of the Wind (the only book I’™ve read recently/ever by an author whose name begins with Z)

10 thoughts on “A – Z Favourites

  1. What a great list.I’ve read a few of those you’ve selected, and will keep the rest for future reference. (Because I trust your judgement!)


  2. Good idea, to keep it to recent reads, Margaret – and glad you enjoyed it, the idea seems to have spread throughout the blogs!Nice to see Rebecca there, and Speaking of Love. If EM Delafield weren’t so brilliant, Daphne du Maurier would have made my list.


  3. Paula, I’d be interested in seeing your list. I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve read.Simon, I could easily do an alternative list – the hard part was deciding which ones to select. I agree about E M Delafield, but haven’t read her books for years.


  4. I thought of keeping it to recent reads, too, but found I hadn’t read enough books by authors of certain letters! 🙂 I think I’ve read Alias Grace at lest three times. I almost put that one, but I really liked The Blind Assassin. Great list.


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