Booking Through Thursday – After the Honeymoon

Here’s something for Valentine’s Day.
Have you ever fallen out of love with a favorite author? Was the last book you read by the author so bad, you broke up with them and haven’t read their work since? Could they ever lure you back?
This question has made me think, once more, about just who are my favourite authors and why they are favourites. They are favourites because most importantly I enjoy their books, then because I like the way they write and I like what they write about; they are authors whose books live in my memory (for a while at least) and make me think. To qualify as a favourite author I have to have read more than one of their books.
I can’t say that I have “fallen out of love” with a favourite author. I may think one book is better than another or I may enjoy one more than the next but I can’t think of a book that was so bad it would stop me from reading their work. This week I’ve read various comments about the lack of “authority” of book bloggers to express their opinions and not post negative reviews if they don’t like a book. But reading is a very subjective matter. Other people may, and do, think differently and come to a book with different expectations. What one person likes is not necessarily the same for everyone and it’s useless to think otherwise. I like to know what other people have read and what they thought about it.

Coming to a new (to me) author I have found that the first book may appeal to me, but the next won’t and then I may not pick up a third. I’m thinking here of Maeve Binchy. I’ve only read one – Nights of Rain and Stars. I enjoyed it, easy to read (I was in the mood for a fast read), interesting story, believable characters, etc etc. This is not a well-thought out review of this book just memories of a book I read at the beginning of 2007. It was good enough for me to want to read more of her books, so I bought Whitethorn Woods. I started it – put it down – started it again – put it down and haven’t picked it up again. The reason being that it seems disjointed, trite and well – boring. Maybe I’ll read it sometime but life is just too short to carry on reading a book that I’m not enjoying.


  1. Margaret, you linked the previous post at BTT! Though I would let you know. Mine is up too but I think, it has got stuck in the spam filter!I too give up on books I cannot read!To get to my post, click on my name here!


  2. I’ve not read any Binchy, but I know one or two harden fans who weren’t that thrilled with ‘Whitethorn Woods’ so it may just be that book.


  3. On the subject of Maeve Binchy, I loved Tara Road, Scarlet Feather and Quentins – haven’t read any of the more recent books, though.


  4. One is never sure with an author who is so prolific (like Binchy) if you’re reading one of the best or not. I agree with Chris – Circle of Friends and Copper Beech are two of her better ones.


  5. I have a several mystery writers that I became disillusioned with over time. Usually when they start producing books like some kind of assembly line strategy.As to Maeve Binchy, I loved CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and THE GLASS LAKE. Haven’t read her later books.


  6. I enjoyed reading your response, Margaret. I do think that there are so many variants of preferences out there that what appeals to one person may not appeal to someone else. I am not familiar with Binchy’s work, I’m afraid, other than the book sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I think it’s called Echoes. It was a gift I received for Christmas a few years ago that I’ve yet to get to.


  7. I read Circle of Friends and really liked it, but then did not like the next of hers I read (I am blanking on the title). I doubt I will pick up another of hers because of it.


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