Oh, Horror! Booking Through Thursday

What with yesterday being Halloween, and all . . . do you read horror? Stories of things that go bump in the night and keep you from sleeping?
I thought about asking you about whether you were participating in NaNoWriMo, but I asked that last year. Although . . . if you want to answer that one, too, please feel free to go ahead and do both, or either, your choice!
It is easy for me to answer the first question in one word – “yes”. In a few more words – as I joined the R.I.P. Challenge I’ve been reading more “horror” stories than I normally do and I’ve written about them in several other posts in September and October. I think the one that I enjoyed for the Challenge the most was Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott which I wrote about here. Another book that sent shivers down my back was Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert – see my review here.
My answer to the second question is no, I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo. I didn’t know what that is so I checked Debbie’s link and found that this is yet another challenge’“where lots of marginally crazy people try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. What do you think about that idea? Crazy? Inspired? Challenging?
Would you/Have you tried it yourself? In other years? (Or this one, in which case, shouldn’™t you be writing and not reading blogs?).
Mmm. An interesting idea – I don’t know if I have enough time to do this – maybe?

10 thoughts on “Oh, Horror! Booking Through Thursday

  1. The RIP challenge sounded like a lot of fun, and I’ve got both the books you mention on my TBR list. I didn’t answer the second question but, if I started something like that my family would – with reason – have me certified!


  2. I definitely have always read horror, ghost stories, about things that go bump in the night, etc., etc. I loved that even as a kid, scaring myself until I couldn’t turn out the light. Guess I will always love it.I haven’t participated in challenges because I get grumpy about having to finish a certain book at certain times. My reading is done mostly on my whim of the moment. I do well to finish a book a month specifically for a book group and I am the moderator of that. So…I enjoy reading about the challenges but won’t be joining in on them.


  3. I love horror too. 🙂 And can’t bring myself to try nano. Too many other things I like spending my time on!


  4. The two books you mention look intriguing – I’ll make a note! Some of the UK book blogs seem to enjoy Susan Hill’s books – have you ever read any of her stuff?


  5. I haven’t yet participated in the RIP Challenge, but maybe next year. I do enjoy reading books that fall under the guise of the challenge and so it would be fun!


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