Wanderlust Bingo 2023/4

FictionFan is doing another Wanderlust Bingo card for 2023/4 – it’s a two year challenge. It took me two years to complete the first card and I’m looking forward to this new challenge. There are some slight changes from the original card but the idea is still the same – any type of book will count – crime, fiction, science fiction, non-fiction. A country can only appear once and a book can only fill one box. For further details see this post.

I’ve made a good start, as I realised that the first three books I’ve read this year fill three of the boxes:

North America (USA) – The Stroke of Winter by Wendy Webb

Nordic (Iceland) – The Girl Who Died by Ragnar Jonasson

Scotland (Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders) – Ghost Walk by Alanna Knight

I’ll be writing reviews as soon as I can.

7 thoughts on “Wanderlust Bingo 2023/4

  1. This looks like such a fun and interesting challenge, Margaret. I really look forward to seeing which books you choose as time goes on, and where you literary journey takes you!


  2. I’m impressed you are ready to embark on this again. I’ve yet to finish – 8 squares to go I think and they are going to be tough ones. The Polar regions square has me stumped unless I go for a memoir of an explorer……


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