Happy New Year 2023

This is January’s picture in my new calendar for 2023, Space for Nature paintings of inspiring places by Leo du Feu, This a pastel painting of a humpback whale along the Fife coast.

I haven’t made any definite reading plans for 2023 just yet as I’m still wondering whether to join any reading challenges because recently I’ve fallen so far behind with writing reviews. I have joined the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2023 and will most certainly be checking what’s involved in FictionFan’s new Wanderlust Bingo Card. But so far that’s it. Whatever I read I intend to take my time and enjoy the books I choose – whatever I fancy reading next.

What about you? What plans if any do you have for 2023?  

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2023

  1. Happy New Year, Margaret! That’s a very pretty picture – thanks for sharing. I have to admit, I’ve not joined any challenges, and although I never say never, I have the feeling I probably won’t. I do better following along with what others read and learning from that (and adding to my TBR!)

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  2. Happy New Year, Margaret. Yes, I have a few challenges I’m going to do, Mount TBR, the Book Girls’ Read Around the USA, Book Bingo, and I’ll probably do the Wanderlust Bingo that you did, when the new post goes up. By the way, I did pinch the My LIfe in Books meme from you and had fun doing that. That painting is lovely!


  3. Happy New Year, Margaret! Challenges are fun but so is reading randomly according to mood. Whatever you end up reading next year – oops, I mean, this year – I hope you enjoy it!


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