Throwback Thursday: The Remorseful Day by Colin Dexter

Today I’m looking back at my post on The Remorseful Day by Colin Dexter, the last Inspector Morse book. I first reviewed it on August 2, 2015.

My review begins:

Chief Inspector Morse is one of my favourite fictional detectives (maybe even the favourite). I first ‘met’ him years ago in the ITV series Inspector Morse and so, just as Joan Hickson is forever in my mind as Miss Marple and David Suchet is Poirot, John Thaw is Morse. The series was first broadcast in 1987, but I don’t intend to write about the books versus the TV adaptations – I’ve enjoyed both. This post is just about the last book in the series – The Remorseful Day.

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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Remorseful Day by Colin Dexter

  1. I completely agree, Margaret, that John Thaw will always be Morse. In fact, if I understand correctly, Dexter had a lot to do with the TV show and with the choice of Thaw. At any rate, it’s good to see this one profiled here. I think it’s a well-developed mystery, and an interesting approach to solving it. As you say, it’s a complex plot. But it is so well written, isn’t it?

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    1. Dexter did have a lot to do with the TV version of Morse. He wrote a Foreword to Christopher Bird’s book, The World of Inspector Morse: a Complete A-Z Reference for the Morse Enthusiast, in which he said that he kept the copyright of ‘Morse’ so he ‘kept a watchful eye on the main characters’ and he was pleased with the casting director’s choice of John Thaw and Kevin Whately. And, yes, I do think it’s so well written. I have just a few more of his books to read.

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  2. I must be living under a rock – I’ve never heard of the author, the series, OR the TV show. Sounds like that’s all to my detriment. I love a delicious mystery series, so maybe a trip to the library is in my future. I’ve just finished the Louise Penny series and am so in love with that – I’m looking for another one to sink into.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys


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