The Classics Club Spin Result

The spin number in The Classics Club Spin is number …


which for me is Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope. The rules of the Spin are that this is the book for me to read by 22 August, 2021.

This book has been on my Classics Club list for a long time. It’s the fourth novel in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series, first published in 1860. I’ve read the earlier books, so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

Mark Robarts is a clergyman with ambitions beyond his small country parish of Framley. In a naive attempt to mix in influential circles, he agrees to guarantee a bill for a large sum of money for the disreputable local Member of Parliament, while being helped in his career in the Church by the same hand. But the unscrupulous politician reneges on his financial obligations, and Mark must face the consequences this debt may bring to his family.

(Description from Amazon)

Did you take part in the Classics Spin? What will you be reading?

8 thoughts on “The Classics Club Spin Result

  1. I hope you’ll enjoy this one, Margaret. To me, it’s interesting how things like debts used to be seen, and how they’re seen now, and I’ll be interested to know what you think of the way that’s portrayed here.

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  2. I really hope this is a good read. I’ve only read one Trollope, The Way We Live Now, but absolutely loved it. And what a lovely copy, I love this series!

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