20 thoughts on “Wrist Problem

  1. Very sorry to hear that, Margaret. It sounds very painful. You take care, we’ll all still be here (literally I’m thinking) when it’s better and you can return. Take care.


  2. Ow! I hope it’s better soon. I’m no longer able to type and I use the voice activation on my iPad. It works very well. If you find yourself suffering for any length of time, you might want to give it a try.


  3. Oh, so sorry, Margaret! Please take good care and I hope you can spend your recovery time with lots of good reading! We’ll be here when you’re feeling better.


  4. That looks so painful, I hope it won’t be too long before you’re back and feeling normal again.


  5. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes! I’m looking into either trying to use voice activation as Cafe Society suggested or getting an ergonomic mouse as recommended by BookerTalk. 🙂


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