New-To-Me Books

These are some books that I’ve recently added to my shelves, all Christmas presents:

bks xmas 2018

From top to bottom they are:

The Pocket Detective: (British Library Crime Classics) compiled by Kate Jackson –  including word searches, anagrams, snapshot covers, and crosswords based on the series of British Library Crime Classics and Golden Age Detection authors. I love word puzzles of all sorts, so this is just right for me.

The Inner Life of Animals: Surprising Observations of a Hidden World by Peter Wohllenben. This book looks fascinating as it is about what goes on aside animals’ heads with insights into their behaviour, emotions and instincts. In his Introduction Wohllenben says that the more he closely paid attention the more he noticed ‘our pets and their woodland relatives displaying what are supposed to be exclusively human emotions.’

The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places by Neil Oliver – described on the book jacket inside cover as ‘a broad sweep of British history and landscape’. I’ve enjoyed watching Neil Oliver’s TV documentaries and his book looks just as informative, encompassing our earliest history, via Romans and Vikings, civil war, industrial revolution and two world wars, looking at the places that he considers to be the most characteristic of our history, with many colour photographs.

Sea Change: The Summer Voyage from East to West Scotland by Mairi Hedderwick. This is a beautiful book with watercolours and pen and ink illustrations. It describes Marie Hedderwick’s journey in an antiquated 26-foot long yacht through the Caledonian Canal to the fjords of the west: Lochs Linnhe, Etive, Ailort, Moidart, Nevis and Leven.

Leonardo Da Vinci: the Biography by Walter Isaacson – A biography that brings Leonardo Da Vinci to life, a man of science and engineering, just as much as an artist and a man of endless curiosity about a vast range of subjects. I think this book could take me most of the year to read.

And finally a novel:

Love is Blind by William Boyd, set at the end of the nineteenth century about a Scottish musician, who leaves Edinburgh and his tyrannical father when he is offered a job in Paris. ‘A tale of dizzying passion and brutal revenge; of artistic endeavour and the illusions it creates; of all the possibilities that life can offer, and how cruelly they can be snatched away’.

Do any of any these books tempt you too?

18 thoughts on “New-To-Me Books

  1. You do have a nice group of books, there, Margaret! The Pocket Detective catches my eye; I’ve been wanting that one for some time. And the story of Da Vinci interests me, too. I’ll be eagerly following along as you review your new books.

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  2. For some reason I can’t see the photo but from your descriptions it sounds like a nice haul. I too am a fan of Neil Oliver, his docs are always excellent, I do wish Coast would come back. I have Highland Journey by Mairi Hedderwick, treated myself to it on our one holiday in Scotland.

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    1. I’ve changed the photo link, so I hope you can see it now! Mairi Hedderwick’s books are so beautifully illustrated and produced. I hadn’t come across them before but I’ll be looking out for them now.


  3. The Pocket Detective is fun – hope you enjoy it! I’ve read Love is Blind, but have still to get around to writing my review – Boyd is always very readable. And the Da Vinci bio looks very interesting – looking forward to hearing what you think of it…

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    1. I can see it’ll be some time before I’ll finish reading both the Da Vinci bio and Neil Oliver’s book – both are doorstops of books – not that I would ever use a book as a doorstop! 🙂

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  4. Wow, what a delicious set of books – you are in for some fun! I love the sound of the Da Vinci bio and Sea Change. I also have Love is Blind on order at the library. I am a big Boyd fan, so very much looking forward to reading that one.

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  5. I bought the Walter Isaacson bio of Leonardo for my husband as a Christmas gift. I wanted to get something that was more about the personality/life story of the painter rather than their paintings. I read Isaacson’s bio of Steve Jobs so knew he could write a good yarn. But yes its a huge book….

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    1. I’ve been interested in Leonardo as a person ever since I visited Vinci and the Leonardo Museum there full of models, reconstructed on the basis of his drawings – absolutely fascinating!


  6. I’ve got THE POCKET DETECTIVE, but my knowledge of the Crime Classics is pretty slim. Happily, the answers are there too. And I’ll use it as a resource for ‘new to me’ books to try. Enjoy your books, Margaret!

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