When I’ve not been reading …

… I’ve been doing jigsaws (amongst other things).


I’d done both of these Ravensburger puzzles before and put them back in their plastic bags inside the box, but I hadn’t sealed the bags and the pieces had got a bit muddled up. After I’d sorted them out this one was complete.


But there are two pieces missing from this one – and I can’t find them anywhere!


They are based on paintings by Alexander Sheridan, who was born in Cape Town and moved with his family when he was five back to Scotland. He has lived in New Zealand, India and Singapore. After his wife died he moved back to London with his young son. He met his second wife whilst hiking in the Outer Hebrides and then set up home on a farm near Ipswich, where he paints landscapes. (Information taken from the box.)

9 thoughts on “When I’ve not been reading …

  1. Mr Sheridan is well travelled! How nice that he has chosen to capture some quintessential English cottages. I wonder of those annoying missing pieces have travelled quite as far!

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  2. It’s hard enough to do a puzzle without having to determine which pieces go with which puzzle. I enjoy puzzles in the winter. I love both cottage scenes that you did–exactly the kind of puzzle I enjoy.

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  3. A couple of very pretty scenes there. Annoying about the missing pieces but I’m sure you still enjoyed doing them. I grabbed a couple of cottagey ones from a local charity shop last week, both of them brand new and unopened. Very pleased.

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  4. They are lovely, but I know how frustrating those missing pieces must be. I bought a new puzzle from The Works and it had three pieces missing, it was all sealed up so they must have been left behind in the factory. I never did get around to complaining about it.

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