TBR Snapshot

I found this idea on Brona’s Books – it’s TBR Snapshot a way of drawing my attention to my TBR books -, where you make piles of your books that spell out words. I like making lists/piles of books – there are piles around me as I type, and on the floor. So, here’s my first pile, spelling out my name in the titles:

Margaret in bk titlesI’ve had six of these books for years, so some are books I’d forgotten I owned (hangs head in shame), whereas three of them are books I’ve added this year and they are clamouring to be read very soon. But I shall probably start with Moon Tiger as that is also on my list of 20 books of Summer.

What do you think – would you recommend that I read any of these sooner than the others or are there some that I shouldn’t bother reading?

Brona is wondering whether other people would join in – as I have plenty of TBRs I would. In fact I have another pile of books with titles spelling out my blog’s name. Anyone else interested – pop over to Brona’s Books and let her know.

11 thoughts on “TBR Snapshot

  1. Gone Girl was interesting at the time, a good holiday read. The Bainbridge sounds interesting and I loved The English Patient, although it was probably more the movie than the book, in this case.

    Thanks for joining in so enthusiastically – I could have made my name several times over, except for the Y.

    I think my next challenge will be to spell out your Blog Name 🙂

    Any other suggestions for spelling challenges welcome. I also added your link to a Mr Linky on my post to get things started.

    Thanks again.


  2. Do read Runaway. I just loved it.
    And I’ll be interested to read your review of the Marston. I’ve had his Bespoke Mystery on my tbr pile for awhile now. I really should read it – hah!
    Happy Reading


  3. I loved how your spelled your name out with titles :). I haven’t read any of the books on your pile but Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is also in my pile, but not on this year’s list. Twenty in the summer seems ambitious, but then I am currently vacationing and so my reading time has plummeted!


  4. Hi Margaret,
    I have so many books still unread on my shelves, that I could probably spell out all my blogging buddies’ names and then still have some left over 🙂
    I haven’t read any any of the individual books from your own selection, but I would probably start with the Peter May, followed by the Gillian Flynnn.
    The only other way, is to mix them all up again and just do a ‘lucky dip’ 🙂
    Happy Reading,


  5. I have to confess to going back and then reading the titles properly to see your name spelt out – but it’s a great idea.

    Read Gone Girl, if you don’t know what happens in it. I enjoyed it but it annoyed me at the end. It is a book which if it is not for you then I would say abandon it and move on.


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