Heidi’s Cat- Log

H & computerHi, I’m Heidi and Margaret has asked me to fill in for her on her blog as she is busy reading books, rather than writing about them and has lots of other things to do as well. So here I am – looking at the computer screen wondering where to start …

Maybe I should start at the beginning – well when I first came to live with Margaret and David. They rescued me and at first I was very scared and kept trying to hide in boxes, behind furniture and even on the top of wardrobes and tall cupboards.

Now I’m very much at home and love living here. There are lots of nice things and best of all lots of mice in the garden. Mice are Nice, but M & D don’t think so – they say Do Not Bring Mice Into the House – that’s not a Good Thing to do. I don’t really agree. It’s great fun to bring them in and let them run around whilst I stalk them and play with them. Sometimes they won’t play and go very still – and then I can eat them – they’re very tasty.

M & D had a lot of trouble with Mice in the House before I came. They got under the floors and nibble at the lagging on the water pipes and even gnawed the pipes and made holes. The water came out, which no doubt the Mice liked – but then the boiler stopped working and M & D had no hot water and no nice warm radiators.

The other thing that I like is watching the birds. They are like Mice but have Wings and Fly so that I can’t catch them (I have actually caught a few, but not for a very long time). Anyway D has very kindly put some birdseed on the windowsill outside and I can see them eating. It’s fascinating – see this video D did:

That’s enough for today. Maybe Margaret will let me write more Cat-Logs sometime and I can tell you some more.

She says this cat-post is just right for Saturday Snapshots run by Melinda  – you can see more on her blog  West Metro Mommy Reads. 

13 thoughts on “Heidi’s Cat- Log

  1. Love it! Your Heidi is quite the writer. I especially liked parts about the mice and how they are no trouble in the house anymore. I do not like mice in my house or my attic or my yard or anywhere near my person. Heidi is a mighty hunter. 🙂


  2. Kay, Heidi says thank for the compliments, especially the bit about being ‘a mighty hunter’. She is Kay – not a lot gets past her (apart from birds that is, and I hope it stays that way!)

    Sean, thank you. Heidi has chased a squirrel once, but as it had a head start it got away – I’m sure she’d have another go if one came in the garden!


  3. Nice to get to know you a bit, Heidi. Yes, humans are a bit odd about no mice in the house, aren’t they? I’m glad you can watch the birds though. They’re actually quite fascinating, and it sounds as though you have the purr-fect perch for watching them.


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