Today's post is brought to you by the letter…

Simon T of Stuck In A Book has started another meme. He randomly generates a letter for you and then you have to name your favourite book, author,song, film and favourite object beginning with that particular letter.

  My letter is L

I didn’t find it very easy – in some cases I had too much choice and in others (eg favourite object) very little choice.

Favourite Book – here is where I’m spoilt for choice, with Lark Rise to Candleford (Flora Thompson), The Last Enchantment (Mary Stewart), Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Pierre Choderlos de Laclos), The Last Time They Met (Anita Shreve) and The Light Years (Elizabeth Jane Howard) in the running. but I’ve decided on

Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski, a book I read a couple of years ago. It’s a beautiful book – one of those that once I start reading I can’t put down, and yet a book that I don’t want to finish as I’m enjoying it so much. This book is emotional, heart-wrenching and nerve-wracking, full of tension, but never sentimental.

Favourite Author … well it could be Marghanita Laski, Harper Lee, Laurie Lee, Donna Leon or Andrea Levy, but it has to be:

Penelope Lively, an all-time favourite and I’ve read more of her books than the other authors’.

Favourite Song …  Let It Be by the Beatles

Favourite Film … for the letter L it has to be The Lord of the Rings, which could equally as well be my favourite book, especially as I prefer the book (my own images etc).

Favourite Object … I found this the hardest one of all and in the end I decided on this:

This is my Lakeland electric yoghurt maker, which I’ve had for years and use every week. It makes lovely yoghurt. All you do is put in a couple of spoons of natural yoghurt and some milk and the yoghurt maker does the rest. I strain it to make it even thicker – like Greek yoghurt. 

Thinking of ‘objects’ on a wider scale there are of course, Libraries!

 If you’d like to join in go on over to Simon’s post (link back at the top) and wait for your letter.

6 thoughts on “Today's post is brought to you by the letter…

  1. What a lot of wonderful choices you had in front of you! Penelope Lively is in my summer reading plans as I have read only one of her books. I have more often read the “other Penelope” – Penelope Fitzgerald. This is a fun exercise Simon devised. Ireceived the letter “B,” and like you, struggled only a little.


  2. I’m enjoying this meme–yours is the second I’ve read. Did you really like Dangerous Liasons? I found it so depressing I didn’t finish it, but again, it might have been wrong book at wrong time.

    It’s never occurred to me to get a yogurt maker but our family consumes a lot–must check that out.

    I have to agree with you on libraries, though.

    I’ve just started to get to know Penelope Lively so you’ve inspired me to try to read more of her books.

    Checking out Little Boy Lost now.


    1. Jane, I did enjoy Liaisons – it was years ago and it probably helped that I watched the film too, with John Malkovich, Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer!


  3. Margaret – What great choices for L. I love that Beatles song, too, and of course the Lord of the Ring films have been, I think, quite well done. And you’ve given lots of ideas for books, too. Thanks


  4. Great picks! I was kind of hoping to get L just to choose Penelope Lively, who is one of my all time favourite authors. But I got N, which was still enjoyable, trying to make those decisions….


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