TBR Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog DareJames’s TBR Triple Dog Dare came to an end yesterday and I’ve actually made it through the whole three months of sticking to reading only books already in my TBR pile or those I’d already reserved at the library. Exceptions were allowed and mine were books chosen for my local book group, two books I’d had on loan from the library in December and the one ARC I received in January.

In addition I decided that I was going to try not buying books too because I thought that it would be easier to read my own books without the temptation of any new books I might buy/borrow. This was a silly idea and although I lasted six weeks of not buying books I just had to give in in February, the urge to get new books and bargain offers was just too strong. But apart from reading the openings of some books I haven’t read them yet and I’m looking forward to reading them very soon.

It’s been an eye-opener for me to realise just how much I want to read books I don’t already own. It’s been like being on a diet, when the urge to eat food not allowed on the diet almost overwhelms me, and seeing books other bloggers are reading, books online or in bookshops is just so tempting. But on the plus side I have read 23 of my TBRs and thoroughly enjoyed most of them. I’ve also realised that some of my TBRs are books I bought to make up the 3 for 2 offers and may not be what I want to read at all – I need to do some ‘weeding’.

14 thoughts on “TBR Triple Dog Dare”

    1. Vicki, I’ve still got more than enough unread books left to keep me going for a long time. Not buying anything for six weeks has made me more resistant to the impulse buys!


  1. Margaret – Well done! There is just something about denying oneself something that just makes that something all the more appealing. I’m impressed that you’ve kept that under control


  2. You did better than me! I cracked two weeks ago due to reading a series of gloomy (though sometimes good) books for my bookclubs and realised in the middle of Bordeaux that I couldn’t bear to read any more of my downbeat book on the train home… The reasoning being that I had to have something to read on a journey. After that I went back to the TBR pile (and the gloomy book which was better for a break).


  3. Great job on sticking to reading TBR books–I’m with you when it comes to acquiring books. Somehow I don’t believe I will remember to obtain a book if I don’t get it RIGHT NOW!

    I don’t often get books I don’t really want to read, but I am pretty ruthless when it comes to weeding. While I have a decent amount of bookshelves, they get crowded fast. I do literally have TBR shelves, and it feels good to move books from there to either their permanent home in the Read shelves, or to the paperbackswap.com or donation piles.


    1. Thanks, Jane.I am much more discriminating now about buying books and resist the offers unless they are for books I really want. I also have TBR shelves and move the books over to the Read shelves, or the donation piles – it does feel good!


  4. Congratulations on reading so many books from your TBR pile! You’re my new idol!!
    Having about 1000 books in my TBR pile, I knew that I had to knuckle down, stop purchasing new books, just read from my own ‘store’ of books. Well that didn’t work. Every time I read a “must-read” review of a new book, I either put a hold on it at the library or pre-order a pb copy. Although I’m not buying nearly as many books as I did in the past, I still have quite a pile to get through……..plus book club reads. Thanks for the great post – and you’re absolutely right…………..being a book lover is much like being a food addict!


    1. Wow, Anne I thought I had a lot of TBRs. I’m not sure how many because although I’ve got over 300 listed in Goodreads I keep finding books I haven’t entered in to Goodreads. I also try to get library copies rather than buying books but that doesn’t keep the numbers down …


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