Reading Non-Fiction in 2014

Most of my reading is fiction, but I do like to read non-fiction too. Last year I read 9 non-fiction books and would like to read more this year, maybe 12 which would average out at one a month. I’ve decided that I won’t join any of the non-fiction reading challenges run by other bloggers but I’m going to record what I’ve read on my own personal non-fiction project for 2014 on this page – Reading Non-Fiction in 2014.

Non Fiction books

The photo above shows a small selection of my non-fiction books. I’ve got plenty more to choose from in different categories including Autobiographies, Biographies, Diaries, Letters, History, Philosophy, Religion, Writing, and Nature. I hope by the end of the year I’ll have read at least one book from each category.

At present I’m reading a history book – Steel Bonnets: the Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers by George MacDonald Fraser. I’m planning on reading one non-fiction book alongside any novels I’m reading, but apart from that I’m leaving my options open and shall see where my fancy takes me.

6 thoughts on “Reading Non-Fiction in 2014

    1. Vicki, I’ve had Wartime Britain for a few years now and really wanted to read it when I bought it! It’s certainly a big chunky book – and in such a small font too, which did put me off – and then I put it in the bookcase in the spare bedroom with other history books and forgot about it – until recently! I haven’t put it back in the bookcase and am hoping leaving it on my desk will mean I get round to it soon. 🙂


  1. I’ve made too many commitments for reviews again. You would think I’d learn. Have tons of TBRs that I’m dying to get to, many of which are history. At the moment I’m taking a small break from mystery novels to read a memoir.


  2. I’m the same, although I did manage a few more than usual last year, I still feel I could do better. Like your idea very much and look forward to seeing how you do. I have one non-fiction on the go, a book of letters by a Scottish chap who served in the army in Africa between the wars. It’s going to be one of those ‘read at leisure’ sort of books. Paxman’s The English is very good and can also recommend his The Political Animal, which sounds as though it could be dry but is not at all. Very funny. Also enjoying his current doc. on WW1.


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