Saturday Snapshots: Pisa

I’ve been looking through some old holiday photos – these are from 2000 when we visited Pisa whilst staying near Florence.

This is our first view of the Leaning Tower, which doesn’t actually look as though it’s leaning much at this angle:

View Leaning Tower Pisa DCP_0104But when we got nearer you can see just how far it leans:

Leaning tower Pisa DCP_0105That’s me in the sun hat.

And here’s another view of the Tower taken from the roof of the Cathedral:

View Leaning tower Pisa DCP_0133We didn’t have long to spend in Pisa itself after we had looked round the Cathedral, but I was interested in this little church we passed on the way to the Cathedral Square. It’s Santa Maria della Spina, tucked away next to the river Arno:

Santa Maria della Spina, Pisa DCP_0101A lovely Gothic church, in sparkling white marble and very eye-catching as we walked by. I wished we’d had time to see more but we had to catch the train.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots: Pisa”

  1. It’s such an iconic image isn’t it? But I’ve never seen pictures of it from the surrounding town before. Thanks for these lovely pictures today.


  2. Some of those old churches are lovely to see. (I wish they would be filled. :-)) Great capture of the leaning from the rooftop (third photo).
    Sounds like a busy trip!


  3. Did my first comment disappear? Computer wonkiness.
    I appreciated the third view especially of the leaning tower. Also agree that old churches are amazing and wonderful images!
    Hope your trip is/was grand.


  4. Thanks for your comments and Martha sorry about the ‘funny names’ (:- I don’t know what’s happening, but yours isn’t the only one that gets odd letters. I’ll edit yours in future, now I know they’re definitely from you. I’ve left them all in because you’ve made different comments – 🙂


    1. They did Christine. It was still closed to the public when we were there after about ten years of stabilisation work to straighten it to a safer angle. It re-opened the following year. We seem to be good at visiting places that open to the public after we’ve been. It happened when we went to Torquay just before Greenway, Agatha Christie’s house was opened to the public!


  5. That IS the frustration of traveling … so many things that are interesting …and rats! limited time. Lucky you, though, to have had time in Italy!


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