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This is the Flodden Visitor Centre. It’s in a former telephone box in the village of Branxton in Northumberland. Flodden Visitor Centre P1080503It claims to be the smallest visitor centre in the world:

Flodden Visitor Centre P1080499

It’s part of the commemoration of the Battle of Flodden which took place 500 years ago in September between the English and Scottish armies in the fields near Branxton.

Flodden Visitor Centre P1080501Inside there is a map showing the routes of the two armies and indicating several sites related to the battle. There are leaflets and even a button to press the hear about the battle.

If you are in London on 14 May you can get tickets for a lunchtime lecture on the Battle of Flodden 1513 by historian Clive Hallam Baker at the Tower of London. He is the author of The Battle of Flodden: Why and How.

Other books about Flodden, with links to my reviews:


Non fiction:

  •  Flodden: the Scottish Invasion of Henry VIII’s England by Nigel Barr
  • New Light on Floddon (sic) by Gerard F T Leather – I have not written about this short book published in 1938, which Leather, a member of the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club had written after studying the battle for a talk. As he explained there were actually four distinct fights going on a more or less the same time and the old name of the battle was that of Branxton Moor, a more correct title, in his opinion, as the battle scene was a mile and a half from Flodden.

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. That is indeed, the smallest visitor centre I’ve ever seen. But I agree with Fran, it has everything anyone could need from such a place. 🙂


  2. I have never heard of the battle of Flodden before, but I love, love, love the old telephone booth as a visitor centre. What a great way to learn history!


  3. I know, it’s not even blue, but my first thought was – Doctor Who! Fun and original way to have a visitor center!


  4. How wonderful, it certainly is small, but well thought out. I’d never heard of the Battle of Flodden before either.


  5. I love it–not only is it tiny, but it looks very well done. I love Visitors Centers that reflect a curator’s love and knowledge of the topic at hand.

    I know nothing about Flodden but I would visit just to see this tiny center.


  6. Margaret – What an interesting concept for a visitors’ centre! And this is a battle I don’t know much about. I’m glad there’s good information there. Oh, and thanks for the lovely ‘photos of it.


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