The Best and Worst

Alyce runs a series on her blog, At Home With Books, called the Best & Worst in which guest bloggers write about what they think their chosen author’s best and worst works are.

Agatha Christie

This week I’m the guest blogger, so to see what I think are the best and worst of Agatha Christie’s books have a look at this post.

3 thoughts on “The Best and Worst”

    1. Cath, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It took me ages to read it, as I read it in short sections, so if it had been a library book I’d have felt I should read it more quickly – or have to keep renewing it!


  1. She is such a fascinating lady. She had a rather intriguing mind to think of all those plots.

    Lovely reading about your best and worst. It is just a reminder that I need to read more Christie!


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